A "Chernobyl" for the Watchtower - could it happen?

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  • metatron

    Exactly so. I've been comparing the Watchtower to the Soviet Empire for years now because it fits so well - even to the points that both organizations were born in the events leading out of WW1 and the fact that it's young people volunteered to be (Red) "Pioneers" !

    Most folks on this site simply repeat the same idea over and over: 'the Watchtower will be around for years to come', 'it's not going anywhere' and the like.

    The defect in these notions is that they fail to recognize that the Watchtower's resources could soon transform into liabilities, if they haven't done so already. Publishers are becoming a problem instead of a solution.

    Consider the example of many long term Bethelites: one day you're a valuable asset to the Watchtower and the next day they toss you in the street. 'Your services are no longer required, Brother'.

    In the case of the USSR, Eastern Europe was intended as a vital part of its empire, a resource but over time, that changed. They became too expensive to hold on to. They became a liability.

    And Publishers? They waste literature. They fake hours. They skip meetings. They may be seen by governments as representatives of the WTS and thus, part of a hierarchy that allows lawsuits to move up the ladder. Don't think so? Tell me what the h*ll the Service Meeting is designed to accomplish? It sure looks like a sort of "Amway" to me.

    7 million publishers can be cheaply replaced with a rack of servers and some software.


  • Gorbatchov

    The INTERNET is Watchtowers Chernobyl. "New Light" is published on JWD first, at JW.ORG second and in the Wachtower magazine third.

    The INTERNET will change it all very soon.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The internet has changed it all.

    However, an end to the WT? like the Soviet Union, it still exists in power, if not name. Plenty of nukes over there and they still don't apologize for running over smaller countries.

    Likewise even by chance, a remote chance that this thing splits, it will still exist in one form, or many forms. But to completely disappear? nah. The Krishna religion was sued into bankruptcy years back. Temples have openned since then.

    I hate to say it but for every person selling crazy, there's a chump willing to buy into it.

  • Chaserious

    But they don't own any nuclear reactors.

  • fulltimestudent

    Here's a report on wild-life inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, (from the English Independent). Maybe this is the future of the GB's new physical Paradise.

    Life after Chernobyl: Sergei Gaschak's photography from inside 'the zone'

    Images from hidden camera reveal how wildlife is thriving in zone closed off to humans for 26 years

    SHAUN WALKER Author Biography

    FRIDAY 25 JANUARY 2013

    Lview gallery

    Sergei Gaschak's photography offers an unparalleled glimpse at animal life inside "the zone", the area of Ukraine and Belarus that has been officially closed off to human habitation since the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe of 1986.

    Using camera traps to take photographs mechanically, as well as taking photographs personally, Gaschak has captured what few have been able to see with their own eyes - the remarkable diversity of wildlife within the zone.

    One of the first rescuers on the site of the nuclear disaster, Gaschak has devoted recent years to photographing lynxes, otters, owls and other wildlife, and has even discovered the footprints of brown bears. The exclusion zone stretches for miles around the site of the reactor, and includes Pripyat, which was once a thriving Soviet town of 50,000 inhabitants but has remained a ghost town since the disaster, a time warp of perestroika-era Soviet life.

    Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/life-after-chernobyl-sergei-gaschaks-photography-from-inside-the-zone-8467725.html

  • Fernando

    Corruption is not indefinitely sustainable.

    Sadly though it can sometimes last for hundreds of years.

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