The current purpose of the JW Corporation

by cptkirk 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • cptkirk

    I think it can simply be summed up as this: to prop up as many sociopaths as possible. the great irony being that the core principle of christianity was supposed to be empathy, and the core symptom of someone suffering from sociopathy is the inability to even comprehend the word empathy. we've got the beast preaching brotherly love, and the church preaching burn thy neighbor lol, WTF??? anyone else watching this?

  • heathen

    I think they are there to take money from stupid people just like all cults .

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I think they are there to take money, they don't care if you are stupid or not.

    In fact I think it is widely recognised members of cults are quite often intelligent and not stupid at all.

  • heathen

    well, I never knew any dubby's that impressed me on the intellect side , they do resort to childish techniques to get members to comply and surrender critical thinking attributes , I mean they condemn college education and I think most that persue it are born ins that don't want to lose contact with their fanatical family

  • jookbeard

    a money making Bernard Madoff/Alan Stanford style scam, recruitment is coming to a standstill, growth in 3rd/4th countires is no value or importance to them. so the only way is to reel in the R&F with more "dig deeper" letters and talks, they are totally obsessed with money

  • Gopher

    It seems that the purpose of almost any large corporation these days is self-preservation at all costs. Often it takes psycopaths at the top to relentlessly carry out that mission.

  • heathen

    You don't even get a please and thank you from them , it's all coercion, all corporations are fascist .IMO In this case they claim to be slaves of christ then they turn around and make everyone their slaves under the FDS dogma

  • cptkirk

    what you said gopher is dead on the money. the problem is, they tell everyone that they are the chosen of god and are no part of the world, when in fact, they are not only part of the world, in many cases they are giving the world a run for it's money in terms of psycho/socio-pathy. the absolute embodiment of the spirit of flesh. no part of it? they are the fkn head of it lol.

  • designs

    'take money from stupid people' Vote 1

  • Pterist

    I think their current purpose is "self preservation" they see the writing on the wall with their failed chronology and subsequently their claim to God's authority has no foundation. The downsizing and consolidation around the world will protect them financially, and leave no tangible assets for any disgruntled r&f to seize, as they wait for the inevitable storm to pass.

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