Okay....so the REAL reason I Pretended to be Scholar

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  • scholarjw

    The recent charade of scholar's regression brought laughs and good memories to the minds of JWD. Though shortlived, threads like that reminded me of JWD's best moments. Discussion. Debate.

    Yes we know the TTAT. But it just doesnt feel exciting to discuss it anymore. That is, without a JW apologist to debate it with.

    Sigh....i miss the good ole days

  • Satanus

    You did a fairly good job. I'm glad you came clean, though. It's a tough job impersonating somebody who is smart yet bent, like jwscholar is. That isn't you doing auntconnie, is it?


  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Isn't that the very definition of "troll"?

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Hi ScholarJW, it was a blast to see our resident JWN scholars at work with you. We have a host of great Bible and Language scholars, it's nice to know we have those resources in case we need our Big Guns to kick some ass!

    Scholarjw, it was kinda fun, keep up the good work dude!

  • Cagefighter

    you made me miss africangb. your arguments were waaaaaay too cerebral for me.

  • free2beme

    I knew Scholar and you my friend are no Scholar

  • soft+gentle

    I'm still laughing about insihtful - billythexbethelite beat me to it

    didn't know the real scholar but was interested in how you could have gotten your academic qualifications with such bad spelling

  • Londo111

    Sometimes I wondered if Recovery/Ethos ect... was also a pretend JW apologists as well.

  • cedars

    Because you yearn for attention?


  • james_woods
    Isn't that the very definition of "troll"?
    Because you yearn for attention?

    Yes on both would be the obvious answer.

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