The Elephant in the Room

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  • skeeter1

    Perfect1: They wouldn't hear of adoption (or abortion) of the baby. They "love their babies...." The grandparents were hinting that I adopt the baby for the first year, but I totally know that she'll just breed more & more & more.

    Defiant: Yep, this crowd also lived in the dirtiest trailor park in the town. That's part of why grandma bought a house. But, I hear the house isn't too clean. I know that there is alot of welfare, social security, disability, and WIC goign into this house, and free medical & free cell phones too.

    jgnat & whathappend: Denial and enablers. Yes, that's definately a center part of the problem.

    all: Thanks for the hugs. It drives me absolutely nutty to see a group of people watch a train wreck in the making and not taking action. Can I change denial or enablers?

  • jgnat

    It seems that Mary has the best hope for sanity in the whole bunch. Is it possible to convince her that it may not be the sanest thing in the world to be living with her mom?

  • jgnat

    I think Mary has to be independent and on her own before she can be confronted about other bad decision making, like endless baby-making.

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