Christian questions to ask current JWs

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  • designs

    notsure- Everyone knows the Jews spoke King James English....forsooth!!!

  • suavojr

    Christ Alone, hope you are doing well.

    Which of these 18 questions has no answer in the WT CD-ROM? Because you know that any JW is going to rely on what ever the WT has said about biblical questions.*

    *Also all JW's are trained to answer with what the current truth is. Seriously, which question has no answer or explanation from the WT? One of the things that woke me up was when reading CoC Ray's asked tough questions that the GB could not answer with the scriptures. That had a profound effect in me.
  • Sulla

    The rabbis did faint, designs. Though it is interesting to note some of these points -- point 7, about YHWH making it rain sulphur from YHWH in heaven in particular -- have an extended treatment in ancient sources like the Dialogue with Trypho. There, Justin Martyr has an extended conversation with a group of young Jewish philosophers; all go away frustrated.

  • Pterist

    Thanks Christ Alone! Great questions

  • jgnat

    I thought you were asking for questions:

    1. Is the Kingdom of Heaven closed for all now? In the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) it mentions that the "poor in spirit", the "pure in heart", and the "persecuted" shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and see God. Are there no more people on this earth with these qualities?
    2. In Matthew 25:35-40, Jesus as King will recognize those who have helped the poor, the hungry, the prisoners. What sort of charities do you participate in?
  • designs

    Sulla- One can only imagine Tryphon to Justin- 'We Jews all expect that the Messiah will come into being as a man fro among men'. The list of apostate ideas from the Gospels and Paul are legendary.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    The one I'm still waiting to hear a good answer to is; When Jesus said he was "the bread of life that came down from heaven", what exactly came down?

  • tornapart

    CA.. one I asked my friend a few days ago....

    Where are the Great Crowd? Showed Rev 7:9, then verse 11. Also Rev 19:1

  • designs

    DD- apparently by the Christian Churches art depictions of Jesus it was Weber's White Bread

  • Ding

    If you do present these questions to a JW, make sure you do it one at a time and stick to the subject.

    Also, make sure you do it in the right spirit.

    If your attitude is one of "Gotcha," all you'll do is drive them deeper into the WT organization.

    Instead, focus on the fact that you are genuinely puzzled as to how that scripture squares with what you understand the WT teaches.

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