Files Show how LA Church Leaders Shielded . . .

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  • ABibleStudent

    No it was not the WTBTS. It was the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. Even dissention within a hierarchical organization cannot guarantee that the rights of individuals will be protected.

    "The confidential records filed in a lawsuit against the archdiocese disclose how the church handled abuse allegations for decades and also reveal dissent from a top Mahony aide who criticized his superiors for covering up allegations of abuse rather than protecting children."

    So why write this thread? How many members of JWN would care enough to write their political representatives to change tax/charity laws in their respective country for the next month? Instead of posting frequently on JWN, take an hour a week to write a representative for the next month.

    Why aren't all tax exempt and charitible organizations required to protect children or lose their tax exempt or charitible status? All tax and charitible laws should have some societal requirements for tax exempt and charitiable organizations to encourage reporting felionious crimes to appropriate law enforcement authorities without violating existing privacy rights and to institute child protection policies. The Boy Scouts of America, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), and Civil Air Patrol to name a few organizations have already institutied stringent child protection measures, because those organizations care more about protecting individuals instead of the image of the organization.

    So what is your excuse? Are exJWs or visiting JWs, who believe in protecting children, able to organize and write their politicians to protect children? Is organizing exJWs and JWs to protect children like herding cats, as was stated in the thread "Would this work? Be honest. Brutal if necessary."

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Dagney

    Good idea.

    Mahoney is such a tool. The coverup has been in the papers for years here.

  • okage

    i think what someone needs to do is to start a thread with sort of a pledge. that way people can see how many are willing to do it.

    state the idea. have those in support of the idea chime in with a simple yes. if we have the list available itd be a wakeup to some of those perpetual naysayers.

    you know me. im willing to say yes to anything that affects the downfall of the wts power abuse.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Dagney, Thanks for the supportive comment and you are half-right that Mahoney is such a tool - he is tool of Biblical proporations!

    Okage, I don't think a pledge will motivate JWN members, but I am willing to try your suggestion.

    How about the following pledge:

    I pledge to write my Political leaders until February 28, 2013 in the country that I am a citizen for no less than 1 hour per week to lobby my representatives to change existing tax/charitiable laws to revoke the tax exempt or charitiable status of any non-profit organizations that does not have _______________ (intentionally left blank for each person to fill in their personal requirements).

    What do you think? It is less than 10 hours/month, does not require people to go D2D to distribute propaganda, and the Watchtower leaders will never learn who wrote what politicians. Unfortunately, unlike the WTBTS, I will not promise that anyone will live forever in a paradise earth, but no JW will ever live forever in a paradise earth.

    So, start living and make living on earth a little better!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ABibleStudent

    Just bumping to give more people a chance to read this thread in the active topic list. So far 327 views and only 2 other posters.

    What attracts people to view some threads and not others? Does the title need to include words like sex, pedophilia, dissecting/dis'ing WTBTS doctrines, . . . ?

    What motivates people to post to some threads and not others? Is it controversy, is it picking on perceived trolls, is it venting about being a JW, is it helping others cope with fading, . . . ?

    My inquiring mind would like to know.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I heard Mahoney speak a few years ago on immigration. He was quite eloquent. Now covering up for pedophiles will be his legacy. Very sad.

    I would not believe the man I heard speak was capable of covering up child sex abuse. He had to know that this would blow up. I wonder if he will face criminal charges.

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    Yes the title makes all the difference . I only read this one (last) after passing it over many times, and that b/c of the siren-chasing topic.

    Okage's thread title, '' Would this work? Be honest. Brutal, if necessary.'', gave hope that we could do something effective- and within that same day, the first page of comments came from people willing and ready to do so. There are still posters 4 days later expressing the same interest. I offered an idea also, it was discredited, but fair what CAN we come up with that might expose the WT, or cause it to loose credibility, or make it easier for people to leave the WT without family persecution?

    I like your idea, okage too, has a great zest for ideas - I feel there will be loads of support on JWN for a decent plan or two, or three....we got some smart caring people here.

    Keep the discussion going , maybe on it's original thread... I'm still in, and so are others just today...


  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Band on the Run, How would you compare Mahoney's talk to a GB member's talk? I personally like, for lack of a better word, debates because I like listening to opposing views when debaters do not attack each other personally. Anyone can make an eloquent speech to rationalize their position, and hide essential information that would sway the opinions of listeners. Personally I view Mahoney as a company man who sold his soul to protect an organization's image at the expense of individuals. You would hope that Mahoney and Pope Benedict would care more for their member's flocks.

    Hi gone for good, I agree that a title is important. Also, I feel that it is also important to select a forum that visitors can view a thread. What suggestions do you have for a good title to promote writing to politicians? How would you word a petition to motivate people to write their representatives? I am convinced that politician's changing tax and charitable laws would have a significant impact on organizations like the WTBTS and Catholic Church, who care more about the organization's image than individuals. Money talks and people walk.

    Would anyone else like to share their thoughts?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ABibleStudent

    Just bumping to give more people a chance to read this thread in the active topic list. So far 504 views and only 4 other posters.

    Are most JWN members waiting on Jehovah along with their JW family and friends to help solve life's problems?

    Would it help if JWN had a forum specifically for helping JWN members to become organized to help JW family members and friends?

    My inquiring mind would like to know your thoughts.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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