Brothers spoke of his life after JW childhood

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  • gma-tired2

    I had conversation with mt brother who quit going to meetings ar age of 11. Father unbeliver. This 60 year old grandfather said his childhood brainwashing has effected his entire life. Had his first birthday party this year, Armegeddon nightmares, and he just realized how screwed up his life has been because with all his rebellion he is still finding his thoughts affected bt WT teaching.

  • Gayle

    Most sad/ No matter how less or more,,all, especially the youth, have been effected long term by this WTS cultism for minds that should have been "free" and individual, as made,,to pursue their freedom of mind of their unique mind and heart.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It is sad. So sorry to hear this. "We" truly need more than physical separation from our JW past. We need to learn what was wrong with it.

    It's great that he finally had a birthday celebration. My dad and a few family are finally getting it that I love exchanging gifts and celebrating birthdays because it was something I wasn't supposed to do.

  • exwhyzee

    realized how screwed up his life has been because with all his rebellion he is still finding his thoughts affected bt WT teaching.

    "Bring up a boy in the way of the lord and he'll not turn away from it." -the Bible

    "See what happens when you go against your Bible trained conscience?" -Watchtower Society

  • WTWizard

    It could have been better, or it could have been worse. It would have been better had the washtowel not interfered. It would have been worse if he had remained faithful to the washtowel, got baptized or stayed active, pious-sneered throughout his adult life, remained so afraid of Satan that he would never dare cut back on his hours, never celebrated a birthday, and died with a washtowel in his hand and a field circus bag in the other.

  • Phizzy

    I have a close relative who is in his late sixties and left the Borg over 10 years ago, he still hangs on to a lot of the belief, I am not sure quite how much now that we have had several talks and I have shown him stuff to think about, but it definately is still a problem for him.

    I think people like that should really spend the time and effort to prove to themselves that everything the WT taught them is wrong.

    There are two things that work against them doing that, one is laziness, probably brought about by the WT too, who did not really want you to research and think for yourself, the second is a desire to still believe in some of it, to hang on to belief in a God who will transport you to a Paradise Earth etc.

    Hence such ones never face reality, never face their "demons", and still feel guilt and anger for a variety of reasons.

    It is so much better to be truly free of the W.T thinking and all superstitious nonsense, O.K, it takes effort and it takes strength, but so does it to pull yourself out of any mental problem, and still being affected by the W.T is truly a huge mental problem.

    Counselling from a good Therapist who "gets it" is very helpful I have found, but not dealing with it is not an answer or an option, if you don't deal with it, you will never be truly happy or at peace.

    Get cured ! get a life ! the very best life that is possible for you.

    The life you have now is the only one you can be sure of, make it the very best.

  • ndmom73

    This makes me sad. At 60yrs old you should be able to celebrate your life with joy and peace. And damnit you should be able to blow out all 60 candles and have a piece of birthday cake! It is all well earned, especially if you spent the first part of your life living in a cult that will knock you down anytime you try to get a sense of self.

    The worst drawback for myself is that I go COMPLETELY overboard on holidays/birthdays for my children. I don't feel bad for what I didn't have, I didn't know any different at the time, but I just want to make sure that they completely enjoy their childhood and all of the entrapments that I was denied. Unfortunately, without any idea on how these things are done, I tend to lean towards over-the-top. I mean we even celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I am Hispanic! lol

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