Zone visit in France - April 21, 2013

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  • fifth.column

    Hi everybody,

    FYI, a zone visit is scheduled in France for Sunday, April 21, 2013.

    At Bethel : only DO, some CO, a few bethelites and long time elders will be invited to attend.

    In each KH : only elders, MS, and pionneers will have the priviledge to attend the direct live retransmission (each KH is used by several cong).

    The RF will have to wait for the mp3 file...

    No hierarchy ?

  • konceptual99

    No hierarchy. Just blessings resulting from increased service to Jehovah...

  • TheOldHippie

    Cannot be true. In other parts of Europe this summer's zone visits main talk will be shown in all KHs. You are sure it is not mixing it up with a special meeting for pioneers and elders/servants?

  • fifth.column

    Sure, I was there for the announcement. Almost sleeping, but awake enough...

    My wife understood like me, she was a bit upset about that.

    The problem is, in my KH, like in a lot of KH in France, we are 4 congregations and 1 group. It is not possible to gather all the proclaimers during the retransmission.

    I know that last time some cong organised an 2nd meeting just after for th R&F. It was not done in mine.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hello Fifth Column,

    I like your name

    A cordial welcome to you and your wife.

    Thank you for sharing your useful information with all here.

    We know how hard it is to go to the KH once you know TTATT.

    But that is how we get 1st rate, hot of the press, information.

    Just Lois

  • fifth.column

    Thank you Lois.

    My wife is still a faithful and zealous JW, but some points disturb her some times.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    All of us, carry, happinesses and hurts, in our minds and hearts.

    When the imbalance of lack of love in the supposedly, "You will know them, by the love among them" becomes to great to bear, then she is ready to leave. Thankfully, your wife will always have you, with your unconditional love for her, to fall back on.

    JW love and friendship are fake. You know her. She knows you. You are new here. There are success stories here of Bros. who have awaken, before their wives, and have tenderly lead them out. I am sure, in time, she will see what an embaressing, controlling, money grabbing, abusive religion she has been in.

    Have you read anything about the early years of the WTB&TS? It is so wacko. That's why they want to keep you dumbed-down and uneducated and totally obedient, not to God, but to those silly men, that keep making and changing there own rules! It would be laughable if it wasn't so dreadfully sad.

    It is scary at first, like the unknown is. I just learned TTATT last March. I was a born-in. My age? 63

    Just Lois

  • fifth.column

    I'm a lurker since a few years. I learned a lot of things on this forum and other websites.

    Born in, family deeply involved, I think I now have a clear view. But family is held hostage. My wife cried for days when I decided to stop going to the meetings, so I went back after only one week. But she knows what I think and how I feel.

  • mercedes_29

    hi fifth.column! I attended meetings in Cagnes-sur-mer and Carros les Plans in southern France. The RF always got the shaft there too.

  • Gayle

    Makes me wonder if the Zone visit wll reinforce the R & F, that even though the WTS got back their $40M (of wrongful taxation) that they will still remind the R & F to give 'more' money/donation to the WTS anyway.

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