NOT on; Two Jehovah's Witnesses arrested for murdering 13. Dailey Mail story

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  • Kojack57

    For those of you who think no j-dub could do this. You are still brainwashed. The G.B. are the most murderous Cult members in the world do your freeking research people.


  • ABibleStudent

    H'mm 13 people murdered by two deranged people who say they are JWs. Nothing can diminish these tragedies that were caused by two deranged Rusians, but has the GB done anything to help minimize JWs from during horrific tragedies or does the GB's actions continue to victimize JWs and cause more tragedies?

    How many people have sacrificed their lives following the WTBTS's blood doctrine or the lives of their children? How many people have been deceived into loaning money to the WTBTS and never getting it back? How many people believed the WTBTS was right about the end being near and didn't get a better education or wasted their lives distributing WTBTS's propaganda, instead of living their lives? How many people have been told to be silent by elders about crimes that were committed by other JWs against JWs?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • cobaltcupcake

    My ex-husband (a born-in) and I were watching a program that detailed the psychological profile of a serial rapist. At the end of the program I looked over at him and said, "That's you!" He answered, "Yeah, you're right."

    He suffered from what used to be called multiple personality disorder, and he sexually assaulted me a number of times. He used to come home from work early on occasion and tell me, "I had to leave. I was going to kill him." I've often wondered if he has bodies buried somewhere. He's still a JW, but I think someday he'll snap. Or maybe he's snapped already. I'm writing a book about it.

  • kurtbethel

    I dont know guys. They certainly were not real JW's. For all the faults, I think any JW would be as sickened by this as we are. It also doesn't pass the smell test with the phrase below. I am pretty sure JW's were thrown into this one without deserving it.

    "Mother explained to me that every woman killed or raped by me would become my wives in the afterlife."

    That is actually mild compared to sacrificing one's own children to gain favor and acceptance with the cult. Entirely plausible to kill and rape when your mind is that corrupted by an evil religion.

  • williamhconley

    The fact that these people met at a JW meeting 16 yrs ago does not mean they were Witnesses. Going to a Yankee game does not mean I'm a Yankee or Mickey Mantle. JW's are not allowed to carry guns. The official teaching is that God will judge the wicked in his due time at Armageddon. W.H. Conley

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    so they met 16 years ago at a JW convention...

    a lot can happen in 16 years, including being out of the JWs for 16 years. I wouldn't be spreading the story as active or even long standing Jws myself. clearly a lot of non jw related beliefs in them as well.


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