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  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    Hi Sherri

    This is only my second post on here. I've been lurking for some time. I'm still in the cult. Great to here that you are in Sydney. I live on the beautiful Central Coast. I used to live in Sydney many years ago. Was born there in fact a long time ago. I hope to be free of the cult one day. Our CO was disfellowshipped beginning of January that sent shock waves through the Congs up here. It didn't shock me because I have resolved that I don't get shocked about anything or anyone no more I've had a gut full of crap in this life.

    Lozza xx

  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    Hi all

    I am new on here this is my third post. I really haven't introduced myself. Winston Smith I took your advise and started a new thread to tell you something about myself. I got sucked into the cult at a low point in my life, everything seemed rosey for a while and after I was baptised I began to find out things on the Internet (of course) about JWs that really made me sick ie sexual abuse etc. Anyway I am still active but want to be out one day. I've been in for less than 10 years so I glad I didn't waste my entire life in this cult as many on here have. Glad to see that there are a few Aussies on this board that's great.


  • BorgHater

    Welcome Sherry,


  • cobaltcupcake

    Welcome Sherry and Pickler!

  • sherry11

    Thank you for the warm welcomes. I actually studied from the early 80's onward. Baptised 1984 Why i left was i got sick and got put in hospital for awhile and only a few from my congregation visited me when they did i was chastied for not being well enough to get to meetings and also i was a curiosity. I had also married into the 'truth' less then a year earlier and had realised i had made a huge mistake by marrying the brother i did.

    When I got out of hospital i left my then husband and tried to pry myself away. And as i guess a lot of you know its not easy. I felt for over ten years i wasnt worthy to believe in a god (at that stage i did still believe it was the truth) Then i found the IB around 2000 and realised that ihad wasted a decade feeling guilty gor no reason. By then i was forty. Discovering all about cog dis etc opened my eyes .

    My congregation was inner city

    I really enjoy this site.

    Once again thankyou

  • whathappened

    Welcome, Sherry. Pleased to have you join.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Lozza Aussie

    Their are quite a few Ozzies ,kiwis ,on this board ,enjoy your emancipation from the borg


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