College On The Cheap! Have You Thought Of Attending College? You Can Very Cheaply!

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  • Defianttruth

    Here's my two cents.

    1. When picking which degree program an individual wants, he or she should investigate the market. A quick trip to to will show a certificate in welding is more fiscally valuable than a PhD in Ancient Literature.
    2. I would suggest a degree that makes one eligible for a license or certificate. Such as engineering, nursing, teaching, accounting, or a similar line of study.
    3. Even if you are looking at a graduate license program like JD or MD get an undergrad degree in something licensable. No one ever said, "We can't hire this Doctor because he is also an engineer." If an individual has a nursing background and are also an attorney the sky is that person's limit. But if grad school doesn't work out for an individual, he or she has a career to fall back on.
    4. With that being said, all accredited 4 year programs qualify for a commission in the military. Most services push O4 and up to seek graduate studies and will help you pay for it.
    5. If you want to study Ancient Literature, make it your minor or your masters. My Masters is field related, but not specifically in what I do. It does help me specialize in my career field.
    6. If you are a nontraditional student seek a company that will help you.
  • perfect1

    Know someone doing EDx.

    Its legit- its free- but no credit.

    And no credit= no degree.


    Get a job with an employer that will sponsor you.

    what field sponsors employee education. The economy is killing my generation with its abundance of unpaid internships. Do you know how hard it is to find someone to PAY you to WORK- cant imagine an employer paying me to work and go to school too.

  • ekruks
  • ekruks

    I know a lot of JWs are not aware of this, and it's not really discussed in JW-land, but in the UK, university is in reality FREE, even if you are not a teenager - people any age can go, and about a third of students didn't start at 18, because many go on gap years or travel a little first, and some were inmature when they were young, so study when they finally realise life is tough without a piece of paper. You don't have to be rich to be a student!!

    Lots of JWs moan about the wealthy, with some jealousy - it annoyed me hearing it in assembly talks, etc., the bitching when we had to call on wealthy areas on the ministry, people demanding to go to poor humble areas, when they envied seeing nice cars and homes. Some maybe were upset they sold their homes to pioneer, some perhaps didn't realise how things work in the world, but some were just downright lazy person who would moan instead of try hard! In Britain, you don't need to come from a rich family - you just need to work hard, and be determined - it is even possible for kids living in council estates (US: trailer parks) to get into Oxbridge (US: Harvard) for FREE if their grades are good enough. You have to be willing to make some sacrifices for the prize of the good job - basically party less, study HARD - it's tough now, easier later!

    Sure, there is a university fee and tuition costs, but in Britain, the government pays it, you don't need to pay one penny to actually get into the University or to study. However, when you finish you will in effect pay more tax for about 30 years, which perhaps is the rest of your working life, but what the hell if your job is paying more, and that extra tax is not actually much extra, but a LOW percentage of your wage. Study now, worry about the bills later!! In fact, young JWs in Scotland, you will never have to pay a single penny back to the government, because uni is completely funded by the Scottish government!

    If you don't have a rich daddy paying your living costs, you may not have a car, or a nice flat, while studying, but you can still go to Uni - you just must be humble and poor, but only for 3 or 4 years! If you are on a low income (most students qualify as such! and so do most ex and current JWs!), you will receive about £8k living allowance in a combination of grants and loans, and the loans element (which will be most the living allowance) you pay back with the university fees deducted from future wages. You just apply to be a univeristy student and click that you want student finance - that's it!!

    It is possible to survive on this if you get a cheap room (shared kitchen/toilet) in a rough area of town (this is how many JWs without Uni education live!! some pioneers live like this!), eat supermarkets own food, have a bike instead of a car, etc. (live like some pioneers have to but this time it's short-term, not for life, and with the prospect of a good job after a few years!) You could get a part-time job stacking shelves in the supermarket, working in the call centre, or delivery pizzas, etc. a day, few evenings week, to help pay your way, and perhaps share a cheap flat with a friend, but this could affect your grades. The uni will help you get a part-time job in your holidays.

    DON'T GIVE UP! My manager felt I could do better that my role - he is very keen on science, has a degree in it, and thinks the Bible is followed by the ignorant, so was very supportive of my desire to become more educated - while brothers were trying to have hours reduced to pioneer, me the former pioneer had my work hours reduced (pay too, though better pay than pizza delivery), and my office job is easier than stacking shelves, allowing me energy to concentrate on studies - my colleagues are all generally positive about my studies.

    Uni is actually only 20hours a week, which is about pioneer hours, so it's like holding down a job while pioneering - tough but possible. Unis strongly discourage anyone doing more than 21hours work a week, but you can survive on less - the same hours many pioneers do secular work!! 20+21=41hours/week, which sounds like a full-time job, and it's tough, because remember there is homework, just like pioneers also have to go to prepare for Bible studies, sit in field service meetings, prepare for the Theocratic Ministry School, go to meetings, do chores, more if they are an elder/servant. If you choose a Uni subject you like and know already something about, homework will be easier, but you need some time to relax, to get the stresses out, or your body will burnout/ grades be low.

    Remember that being a pioneer is tiring and people burn out over a few years, lots of JWs with stress/fatigue issues more akin to investment banking due to for some the similar hours and pressure (yes, I know some pioneers fake hours etc. but it's hard to fake Uni and get a good degree) - if you leave school at 18 and throw yourself into HARD work for few years, you'll be ok, but if you're a mature student, and tired from JW-life, be careful - a breakdown won't help your studies. If you want your studies to actually be of use in employment (earn more than now), and not just an excuse to party, or to study some interesting subject, you really want to get at least a 2:1 grade, so take do overwork, and eat well, sleep, do lots of exercise as it gives energy.

    You may find lots of JWs coming round discouraging you from Uni, saying they are worried for you - oh yes, it's so bad to prepare for the future, to find a way to pay bills, because hell, who needs money when the world is ending tomorrow, maybe today, but never does!! Find the best uni you can get into, and go to it - go to one where in a different city, have a fresh break from JW land.

    If you don't think you have good enough college grades, apply for a Foundation degree. If your grades are too bad for that, or you didn't go to college, DON'T GIVE UP!! You can do an Access for Learning course at the college (but make sure it's one that will get you into Uni!) or even do some A-Levels (better than BTEC for getting into Uni) - you may be able to get government funding for it, but even if you can't, Access for Learning courses are not expensive at some colleges. At this stage, worry more about getting a high grade than what college you can get into, then that high grade will get you into a good uni for FREE, and your employer will notice the more recent Uni graduation than the earlier college place.

    If you want a degree, you can get it!!

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