Rock Center 1/17/2013 Expose on Scientology drew JW similarities

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  • RagingBull

    Did anyone watch the NBC program "ROCK CENTER" last night? It dealt with Scientology defectors and the stories, (shunning, tax-exempte etc) sounded very much like the Watchtower/Jehovah Witnesses!

    I sat with my family...and there was DEAD SILENCE throughout the report. I KNOW the wheels were turning. No JW that watched that could've done so without recognizing the comparison to the organization.

    I'm currently researching a way to PLEAD with the program as well as other media to do similar pieces on the Watchtower Society! IT's TIME!

  • Londo111
  • maninthemiddle
  • ShirleyW

    "Anybody within a group like this has to choose to be blind” – Paul Haggis #RockCenter"

    Does that ring a bell ?

  • maninthemiddle
  • Gopher

    I saw that, and sat dumbfounded at the horror stories, repeatedly and methodically denied by the unfeeling robots at the top of the Scientology food chain.

    I also imagined the cognitive dissonance going through the head of a loyal JW watching this -- something like "Scientologists are being exposed / persecuted - hey wait a minute, isn't persecution a sign that a religion is doing something right? But wait - the accusations against their group is factual and the accusations against us are from Satan. Whew, I almost lost it there!"

  • iclone

    I taped it out of cuiosity. It was especially compelling in the second part of the story when they interviewed the family and how the mother was overcome by emotion regarding their shunning process. I look forward to sharing this with my beleiving wife.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    The silence in my house was deafening as well. It was hard to not say much but I could see the wheels turning. It was especially heart breaking to watch that lady being shunned breakdown in tears about the family and friends she lost. But, good for them to take action and get their daughter out.

  • RagingBull

    Was heartbreaking to say the least. they go a bit further than the WT Society, but I think hopefully, many will start waking up if more stories about cults are done. Imagine the hits and searches on the web for information on Scientology now...really since the Tom and Katie split. Mitt Romney running for president had me searching to learn more about Mormons and their ex-members too.

    Loved how (on Rock Center) it was said that members are not allowed to even "READ ANYTHING CRITICAL" of Scientolgy.

  • RagingBull


    I just sent a loooooong a$$ email to them in hopes that they reach out to our valiant and brave ex-JW comminity (of various sites and forums) to build a story on the Watchtower Society and the shady Governing Body and how those that want to get out are treated.

    Maybe others will follow suit.

    Have a great weekend. All weekend I plan on doing this for various TV/Cable networks and news magazines. I hope my telling them that the Shepherd the Flock, Letters to the BOEs that abound whet their appetites. I'd love to send them everything I've saved from all of you that have contributed to the cause.

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