Great Show last night by Brian Williams on RockCenter

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  • dreamgolfer

    Brilliant expose on Scientology. in many instances you can submit "JW" in place of their title. However luckily the WTBTS is bad, but not "as bad"

    Share if you have had a chance to enjoy it. Haggis was great!

    Credible interview, along with new Book Author - Lawrence Wright - "Going Clear"

  • joyfulfader

    I wish my parents had been awake to see this. Sadly I think they would compartmentalize life as jw's and insist they r nothing alike and that Scientology is, of course a cult but not the org. It's that selective parents r the only people I want to awaken because they r the only ones in my life now that consider anything the gb says is important.

  • blondie

    It certainly illustrated why "excommunication" (or df'ing for jws) is so hurtful and painful. The Scientology response was the same as the WTS, the individual chooses to shun, they are not told to shun. That's a bunch of horsepucky.

  • Dagney

    Yes, it was a compelling interview. No wonder Katie Holmes hired body guards and did what she did and how she did it.

  • ShirleyW

    "Anybody within a group like this has to choose to be blind” – Paul Haggis #RockCenter"

    The above is a tweet that Rock Center sent out while Haggis was being interviewed, kinda applies to another cult besides Scientology, doesn it?

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