OMG... what happened in a bar today

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  • bradford
    It is like any pyramid program except you make no money. You lose money. You don't actually get people to buy what you are selling either. You push it on family and they start selling it. Success stories of those using the product are basically the same as the weight loss supplements with doctored photos. I almost got into isagenix recently and noticed the cult like similarities. Fun times.
  • _Morpheus

    "The bartender, a female who I've come to know and appreciate, blurted out, "Scavengers". This led to a lengthy conversation, including me revealing my background. I told her that she'd eventually find out, but this wasn't the way I envisioned.

    I won't go into all the details, because some is not relevant"

    i disagree. Sounds like a very relevant and interesting part of the story ;)

  • leaving_quietly

    LOL! Nope, sorry. Nothing sordid going on. The non relevant stuff was me telling her about the no trespassing laws and the do not call list.

  • _Morpheus

    Having interest in the bartender isnt sorid, its human ;) Maybe you just need to work a little to make it sorid

  • Vidiot

    Illuminated - "Most realize they're a cult, however, they don't realize how deep it goes and how dark it is."

    God (aHe) bless the Information Age.

  • SimonSays

    Without getting into too much history Wild thing is half right. Before 1909 people studying with Russell sometimes called themselves Russelites or Millennium dawners.

  • leaving_quietly

    @_Morpheus, again, LOL!. I probably could make it sordid if I wanted to cheat on my wife. While my marriage is pretty sucky right now, cheating isn't the way out for me.

    @SimonSays, I agree. Funny thing, yesterday's WT study started out with this sentence: "The Bible Students* of the late 19th and early 20th centuries faced many obstacles." The footnote reads: "The Bible Students adopted the name Jehovah's Witnesses in 1931." I thought that was funny when I read it yesterday morning, AFTER my conversation with the bartender.

    "In 1931 a bright flash of truth revealed to those Bible Students a fitting Scriptural name. Jehovah’s people had understood that they could not accept any of the nicknames that others had given them, such as Russellites, Millennial Dawnists, and “no hellers."

    Going back through history in the publications, it seems the organization views the term as something OTHERS (outsiders) called this group in a mocking way. I wonder if this is revisionist history. The term "Russellites" isn't in either the 1930-1985 index or the 1986-2014 index, so there's no way to search prior to 1950. If you have anything prior to this that has the organization calling itself Russellites, I'd be very interested to see it (or at least a reference to it.)

  • _Morpheus
    Just trying to help ;)

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