Watchtower REMOVES "Trinity" Booklet---ONLINE! Video

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  • BlindersOff1

    Another Great CATCH by "The Snarky Apologist" on Youtube......................................................I'm looking for this PDF can anyone give me a link

  • whathappened

    WOW, I always felt that was one of their most impressive publications! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Full of quotes taken out of context you say? That's totally believable, as we have seen this many times before.

  • Phizzy

    There is at least one old thread on here that gives all the out of context quotes.

    To show how strong the mind control is when you are a born in active JW, I have a sad confession to make.

    One day, many years ago, whilst reading the Trinity brochure, I came across a quote, and thought to myself "I have that very book in my library, I will look up the full quote." Imagine my surprise when I read the piece in full, what the WT were quoting as critical of the Trinity Doctrine, by carefully removing the words from their context, was actually a section in full support of the Doctrine !

    I rationlised this by saying to myself "That is a bit naughty, but as they are fighting against a false doctrine I supppose it is O.K ".

    How twisted my thinking was ! as someone once said "The Truth is not something you have to lie about ".

  • Sulla

    I think there really is some level at which the guys at the top genuinely need to convince themselves. I've talked with enough JWs about this to know that they think it has serious problems -- for precisely the same reasons everybody knows. In a way similar to the way they got rid of references to the Babylon book after years of people pointing out how it was absurd, I think the Trinity brochure has been put down.

    The question is whether they will feel a need to publish a replacement, or simply ignore the project altogether.

  • Ding
    There is at least one old thread on here that gives all the out of context quotes.

    Could something please provide the link?

  • sd-7

    This was one of the interesting things I learned about near the beginning of my research--the 'Trinity' brochure. I went to the University of Maryland's library to look up a quote from the John Rylands Library article, and found that this was a statement to my surprise that DENIED JESUS EVER CLAIMED TO BE CHRIST. The Society edited out that part of the sentence and used the quote. But if a regular JW was found to be reading this book, it would be classed as apostasy. Seeing it in black and white really helped settle the doubts. I might even still have a copy of that page.

    So they took it down? And here I thought they weren't concerned about shielding themselves from criticism!


  • BlindersOff1

    Its intersting to note though that the brochure has been included in the 2012 Watchtower Library .

    So in that sense they are still sticking by it . So they are still trying to dishonestly sell it to

    the rank and file . The deception continues .

    I wonder if it has been edited in the Watchtower library ?

  • frankiespeakin

    Maybe the Governing Body are trying to avoid lawsuits I don't know, maybe they have already been threatened by copy rights issues, you know a tool the Wt uses on apostates to shut down site,s maybe they have been threatened and so it is no longer availible on the net.

    They may come out with a revision with all the deletions,, thus getting a taste of thier own medicine.

  • 00DAD

    You can find references to it on the website, but you can't find the brochure itself:

  • cobaltcupcake

    Its intersting to note though that the brochure has been included in the 2012 Watchtower Library .

    That leads me to think that the WTS must have recently got into trouble over the Trinity booklet. It's like they're suddenly hiding it behind their back with a guilty look on their face and a lame excuse. "What, that? Oh, it's nothing."

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