Coco Rocha: lonely celeb Jehovah's Witness

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  • Eustace

    If Schindler's List turned you on, Coco Rocha is the sex symbol for you!

  • smiddy

    She sounds like a complete idiot , a true airhead , who doesn`t read a newspaper ,and hasn`t got a clue as to whats going on around her ,unless it concerns her . Just so full of herself .Stay in that religion love, you will do wonders for the cause.


  • smiddy

    She was baptized in 2009 ? and she is now 24 years old . O.K. So when do the Elders , who are not clergy by the way ,come to counsel her on her choice of vocation , and dress ? I mean to say ,is this the type of dress you would go door to door in ?According to the latest brochures concerning dress, attending assemblies ,even while sightseeing, you should be dressed as if you were attending a meeting .Do we have double standards here ? One set of rules for the everyday/ordinary publisher , and another set of rules for those who are considered celebrities , by the world of which we are no part of ,who ,by chance may just contribute a substantial amount of money they have made from this system of things....just saying (Hypocrisy ? )


  • smiddy

    What`s wrong with spreading this on JW sites ? Maybe it will be enough of an embarassment for the Elders to take action ,which in turn could give her a wake up call as to what this religion is all about ....control. just saying


  • talesin

    very funny, Steve2

    Let's simply admire this gorgeous young woman for having the balls to do what most of us probably would have wanted to do when we were young but would never have dared think possible:

    To remain in reasonably good standing with the local congregation and having a stimulating career.

    I would bet my life savings she is a lying hypocrite who leads a double life. And gets away with it because of her money

    Like that would EVER have happened in my family/congregation..... ahahahaha! get real


  • princecharmant

    There we go again!

    We gloat here that "most" witnesses are "window washers" and in other "lowly" professions; we moan about "not going to college".

    Then a witness who beats the "ordinary" comes along - and we moan.

    We never get satisfied.



  • TheOldHippie

    How true, princecharmant. JWs just HAVE to be the ignorant window-cleaners they all are supposed to be; and if someone turns out to be somewhat different, like having a good education, like being a model, like standing a tiny bit out in the (great) crowd - then a hundrer voices here instantly KNOW that that person is not a REAL JW, is a hypocrit, is a fake, is only allowed to stay because he/she secretly donates a lot of $ to the GB members etc.

    So she is a model. So what? Her choice, her responsability. Not one I would have made, but who am I to blame her? Working for the government as I am, I am sure there is a crowd out there saying I am a fake too. So what? I live with my choices, I am responsible for my life, I stand for who I am, and if critical voices are heard I think to myself they are only voices of people having forgotten that they are not my judges.

    Coco Rocha sound very much like cucaracha by the way ....................

  • steve2

    I'm with princecharmant. She doesn't need our judgement. And even though there isn't a skerrick of evidence that she's behaving hypocritically, some posters love to turn their judgemental hunches into assertions about what she's probably doing in private.

    I don't necessarily admire her for her choice of vocation but she's got balls which immediately sets her apart from the docile rank and file.

  • wolfman85

    Coco Rocha sound very much like cucaracha by the way ....................
    TOH, you are right!!
  • smiddy

    I'm with princecharmant. She doesn't need our judgement. And even though there isn't a skerrick of evidence that she's behaving hypocritically,

    Are you for real ? steve 2 ? Is what she`s doing in private ? What she`s doing is for public consumption ! What normal everyday female witness would get away with what she is doing ,exposing herself in the public eye in a worldly magazine according to the societies publications .They would be brought up before the Elders and brought to task .Using watchtower examples of submissiveness , modesty in dress ,, setting the right example ,not stumbling others , and being exemplar in all things .And do not forget they are" no part of the world ."


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