this world is a reflection of you

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  • ballistic

    I was recently on holiday aka "vacation" on a beautiful island, and turned a corner on a cliff top to see a wall with graffitti on it (ironically), "this world is a reflection of you - take care what you do with it." or words to that effect. So I got thinking it's about dropping litter and stuff. Then I thought a bit deeper, and wondered, just HOW MUCH of this world is a reflection of me personally? Then as I thought a bit deeper still, I pondered a universe in which we all reflect our own world out around us, creating it from the way we are within ourselves. Not the physical world exactly (because we all share that) but our world and our experience of it. And then I realised, it's true, we do all create our own little bubbles or worlds around us like magic, and we are responsible for everything in it. It was just one of those moments from someone thinks too much.

  • ballistic

    I'll give that a bump as either:

    A. I'm impatient.

    B. it's too deep.

    C. it's too obvious

    please choose your selection A, B, or C.

  • Apognophos

    I won't pick a choice :), but I agree.

    The Witness religion is a good example of that. Only people with the right combination of personality traits tend to stay in, such as a tendency to have low self-esteem and thus feel guilt. Other people can read the same Bible and get a completely different, feel-good message out of it. Even within the organization, you have elders who clearly serve a God of "works" and others who seem to, somewhat subversively, serve a God of love.

    When Einstein tried to think about how the universe might work, he reportedly asked himself, "If I were God, how would I do it?" Since his theories worked, he assumed there must be a Creator, since he saw intent and order in the world. Other people look at the same world and focus on the chaotic and negative and assume no God could exist. So yes, the world is really what we make of it!

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I believe that once our basic needs are met that is probably true.

  • J. Hofer
  • ballistic

    Yes, thank you for your comments. To anyone who doesn't get it because I didn't explain it very well,

    this post is along the lines of, What if your world, it projected out there from yourself, created by your mind.

  • perfect1

    yep. thats what my religion teaches.

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    Everyone who is emotionally/spiritually well and educated, can't help but appreciate and value our total dependence, on the beautiful planet we share with so many other amazing forms of life.

    I've alway been amazed how cultures and the people individually, long for the unique beauty of their native regions. on rocks by the oceans, vast flat prairies, mountainous, endless desert, even the polar ice expanses, all such places are the hearts desire of those that lived and were nurtured there. I feel reassured and content wherever in the world I see crops and livestock and trees because, I was raised on a farm and understand fully how all of mankind benefits from that particular enterprise.

    We don't need any megalomanic dieties threatening to destroy it, or insane militarists to poison and 'scorch the earth' , nor the insatiably greedy pricks so eager to cut down, level, dig up, pollute and 'transform to profit' every earthly resource possible in their short lifetimes.

    I feel that education, cooperation and appreciation are the keys to the only future we can envision.

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