Is there anyone on this site who live in Winnipeg Manitoba?

by Vienna Angelika 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    I live in Winnipeg and would like to meet up with some people here.

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    Its just so lonely and I could really use some real friends

  • Satanus

    My fellow canuck, welcome:) There are a couple. Nosferatu, although, he doesn't post much. I think, he was just here a few days ago. Can't recall the other one, right now.


  • hoser

    I sent you a message pm

  • Twitch

    yea, i live there. rather chilly these days, no?

    There was a group here about 8-10 yrs ago; it's how I met a few other xjws initially, Lady Lee and Nosferatu. LL moved down east but has a Best Of section here worth a look. The local meetup group kinda faltered. Not sure if there's another one around.

    headisspinning is from around here but haven't seen much posting from her lately

    Stick around this place; there's a wealth of knowledge and wisdom here going back quite some time. And many posters who can offer some really good advice. Make you think. Change stuff around. Etc.

    BTW, welcome :)

  • Satanus

    You could pm him. He's a cool dude w a kid and a girlfriend, and a wife (ex).


  • mamochan13

    seems to me there are quite a few here from Winnipeg. I'm further west, myself.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    headisspinning and her husband live near Winnipeg. I'll mention this tread to them.

  • HymieAli

    Vienna, Wife and I are in the city, right downtown

    Up for a coffee?

  • crmsicl

    Did you guys meet up? Just wondering.

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