Who's going hunting in Florida- Open Season on Pythons

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  • designs

    For the gun enthusiast crowd a real trophy has been offered in Florida. Pets Gone Wild is the problem and these snakes that can reach 20' eat just about anything including the natural inhabitants of the Everglades. There are prizes and cash for the winner. There is a training course on how to handle these snakes given by the University of Florida. One of the side benefits to the hunting program is that the hunters come back with a greater appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of the Everglades. Back in my JW days I use to take the brothers and kids into the San Gregornio Wilderness. A Colt .45 with a shotgun type cartridge was very helpful when confronting a Rattle Snake.

  • unstopableravens

    i agree designs i like to see the beauty in creation as well,.lol nah i could not hunt 20 foot snakes ill prob to afraid unless i had a shotgun, and good aim,i dont think i have either unless there was a scope. open sites im horrible with a scope im pretty dead on.

  • RubaDub

    Yes, it's on the front page of the Miami Herald Sunday newspaper here. They have been trying to compare it to some of the rattlesnake hunting events in other states but this is quite a bit different.

    It's not so much the the snake you are hunting (pythons) is the danger to you but it's the environment and poisonous snakes that you have to deal with.

    Let's face it, you are in the EVERGLADES ... not on the prairie in Texas or turning over rocks in Pennsylvania. Here you have water, plants, bushes ... you name it. You've got a host of poisonous things that you may encounter and not even see until you grab or step on it (rattlesnakes, cotton mouths or water moccasins, spiders, etc. etc.). Not to mention pissing off an alligator stepping on a nest where it just laid eggs.

    Mark my words, someone will get bitten or killed either with their own guns, a snakebite or drown. This place is not for amateurs just looking for fun.

    Rub a Dub

  • designs

    Good advise, maybe going with an experienced guide/hunter is the way.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    It looks like you better do a lot of target practice before you go after a python, because, they have a small kill spot, and soon you will only be able to load your gun with very few bullets.

  • stillin

    I wonder how fast a 20' python can run

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I wonder how fast a 20' python can run

    Usually, by the time you see him, it doesn't matter how fast YOU can run.

  • Balaamsass

    How does one hunt a python? Do you bring them in with a Call ? A snake blind? Use dogs? Stake-out (tie) a small yappy poodle near the waters edge and wait ?

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