Especially for Cedars - My Cunning Plan. Or maybe not

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  • not bitter
    not bitter

    You're absolutely right Cedars

    My parents would be horrified and devastated if anything like that happened to one of their grandchildren as I imagine any witness would. But when it comes to a story of a witness elsewhere its as if they have a shield or blinkers on and it hasn't really happened.

    Mamochan13 - I think your idea is excellent. To use my idea as a basis but explain to them upfront that its hypothetical.

    But somehow I don't think it will work even then as I know they won't have a bad word said against the society.

  • alanv

    It really does bring the point home though not bitter. If anyone had any doubt about the way Watchtower deals with things, your scenario made it totally obvious what they often do is terrible.

  • notjustyet

    I think that you would have to go the route that Matthew McConaughey used in the last courtroom scene in the movie "A time to Kill" In the movie there are some white supremist white boys who rape, mutilate and leave for dead a pre teen black girl.

    The father of the young girl kills the 2 rapist and goes on trial for these murders.

    His defense attorney has to convince the jurors, all are white, not to convict him for killing his child's rapist and would be murderers.

    So in his closing arguments he has the jurors to close their eyes as he tells the gruesome story above, molestation etc, at the peak of this story he reel the jurors that the child in this tale is,........ White!!!

    It is only when the jurors envision that the little girl is white do they "snap" and open their eyes in shock and take the case to heart. (Spoiler alert, they come back with a Not guilty verdict)

    I feel you could somehow work it out where you tell your story with all the details including an alternate religion as you outlined above and put the twist in at the end of where you say "imagine if this was "X" " that had been molested.

    I think that you would have to put a "imagine" in there to keep the sanity in check.


  • Phizzy

    Excellent NJY, that is the way to do it. Just one caveat for your own expectations, I have done a number of similar things, never with child abuse as the subject, but that will come now.

    What has happened each time is the JW has fallen in to the trap , gone along with the illustration, and laughed at the religion or group used as an example, and then they kind of go quiet and change the subject.

    In no way will something like this alone make JW's wake up, but if we can keep on doing it, the drip drip of water on the rock that is their head may eventually do something, even if it is only give 'em a hole in the head.

  • wasblind

    As the sayin' goes : Darkness don't shed light

    Ain't no need to be under handed, the WTS do enough damage to themselves

  • Giordano

    Have you faded or plan to or are you totally out?

    I believe the societies problems with pedophiles provides an insumountable stumble that anyone wishing to be left alone and not cut off from their family can and should use. It is not an issue they can get on the right side of, and waiting on Jah does not work. It is the defining issue, i n my opinion, for anyone who needs to 'push off' from JW influence to bring up..............nothing else needs to be discussed.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi not bitter, I agree with other posters about not involving your child in a fake story, but you might be able to use real information and stories to wake up your parents.

    Since you use "mum" to describe your mother, does that mean you live in the British Common Wealth? If you do, you should ask your parents what they think about the Royal Commission in Australia that will be investigating organizational practises to protect children. Read the thread "AUSTRALIA: January 11, 2013 - Terms of Reference for Child Abuse Royal Commission". I know of several organizations in the USA that have very stringent child protection policies enforced, such as the Boy Scouts of America, Amateur Athletic Association, and the Civil Air Patrol. Why does the WTBTS follow the two Witness rule instead of encouraging JWs to report crimes to local law enforcement? Since you are a mother and want to protect your child, asking your parents for advice seems logical to open up a conversation that will make them think.

    Does the country where you live have a similiar law to America's Megan Law? If it does research JWs in your area to determine if any are labeled as pedophiles and then ask your parents how they feel about a particular JW being classified as a pedophile.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • not bitter
    not bitter

    Giordano - I am most definitely out. I left about 20 years ago but am very close to my parents providing we don't discuss the truth.

    ABibleStudent - I live in Wales, UK. We have Sarahs Law which I am guessing is similar to Megans Law. I may well look into that. Thank you

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