Post KM Elder School, you may see elders become a little nosier or nebby than usual.

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  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    After reading through Onedayillbefree's thread about being taken into the back room and asked inappropriate questions, I was reminded about a part done at the KM School. One of the common themes throughout the one day school was viewing things the way God sees them and how doing so will require that elders develope insight. They defined insight as, evaluating individual aspects in light of others, or getting & understanding facts and how all relate to one another.

    Next, they gave specific examples where an elder will need insight in order to assist wayward sheep. The very first situation mentioned from the platform was about understanding why one misses meetings and that elders can understand why with discernment and insight. Whether this can also be used as a green light to go after ones who are in phase one of fading, I guess time will tell. The speaker then went into 1 Tim 2:7 which states that the Lord will give one understanding the the true discernment that comes from God.

    The speaker then went into James 1:25 where it talks about peering into the law which will help one to truly understand a matter. This is where they tested the audience and Sir82 already delved into this concerning the man collecting sticks on the Sabbath as recorded. At this point the speaker illustrated the difference between one who thinks human thoughts and one that thinks with Godly thoughts. The man collecting sticks was put to death and anyone who views the punishment as being harsh, is looking at the matter with human discernment. The person thinking with Godly discerment will view the punishment as appropriate considering the man had 6 other days to gather wood so why'd he wait until the Sabbath to do so? Also the very fact that he was put into custody while they determined what to do with him demonstrated just how serious the matter was.

    That said, the speaker made a correlation between how ones view the punishment given to the one collecting sticks, and how one today views missing meetings. He gave the example of a brother with a family, who has been laid off from work for the past 6 months but has recently been offered a job. However this new job will cause him to miss most midweek meetings and one Sunday meeting a month. If he takes the job, then it shows he's thinking with human wisdom as opposed to Godly wisdom. It would show that his own fears would trump God's views. It would also be more detrimental to take the job because of the spiritual impact it would have on his family. Elders while not telling the man what to do, would be doing the right thing by letting the man know how God would view the matter.

    I hadn't thought much about that part at the school, but after reading Onedayillbefree's recent experience it made me wonder if some of the more zealous elders might start going after folks who start to fall off.

  • Londo111

    Good intel, thanks!!!

    I thought to link to OneDayillBeFree's post in case anybody missed it:


    I don't think most elders will even give a shit about that example from this years "special" km school.

  • sir82

    Fortunately, most elders are lazy or burned out or stupid, and so won't do much of anything different.

    Ever notice how, within a week or 2 of an "oh so encouraging! so upbuilding! things will never be the same!" elders school, everything continues on exactly as before?

    TS, here's a fun project: Wait a week or 2, then ask a fellow elder who attended the school with you what his favorite 3 points from the school were. Make sure you have your cellphone-camera ready to capture the priceless "deer in headlights" look as he frantically racks his brain to remember any 3 points, let alone 3 "favorite" ones.


    yes, exactly what Sir82 said. The religion is imploding from the inside out, nobody reaching out anymore. Back in the day there were 5-6 elders and 10 ms's, now ms's are scarce and elders are growing more and more apathetic as the R&F do less and respect them less.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I got counselled for taking a job which meant going to the Spanish cong Sunday evenings because I had to work Sundays until 2pm so missed the English speaking one.

    I had been unemployed for 6 months living on savings which had depleted to my last €500. I was desperate and sick with worry. I had 2 kids to support I felt had to take it but I was judged and found wanting. I was told if I had turned it down I might have been rewarded with the perfect job and now I would never know.

    It was at this time I started to wonder how important assemblies were if god didn't help us earn enough money for flights to get to them (we couldn't afford to go as it was in Tenerife) and exactly how important are public talks if we only got 1 a month out there?

  • Balaamsass

    Missing meetings = Stick collectors worthy of death LOL There are always a couple of kooks who will come up with this connection and they will use it as a ticket to hound JWs needing to fade, earn a living or attend school.

    Years ago an elder told me I was missing meetings (I wasn't) I told him he was full of it. He said I "never attended the SAT meeting for field service" !!!!

    At the time I worked Saturdays and led the Sunday service group. Weird

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Hey Miz, a recent round of CO visits had a very similar talk. I can't remember which night it was, maybe Thursday but the poor guy that was stoned to death for collecting sticks was used to illustrate how the meetings are like the Sabbath and basically how that dude deserved what he got because he was in essence stealing from Jehovah because that day was set aside for worship. Likewise, our meeting and FS times are set aside as worship and if we were to allow work to get in the way, we'd be just as bad as that stick gatherer. He didn't say that if you miss a meeting, you should be stoned, but he sort of implied it.

    I'll bet they wish they could make it a capital offense.

    The crazy thing about that account is the death penalty was not part of the law for breaking the sabbath. It was only after the guy was caught that God told Moses that he should be stoned. The CO even brought that out, asking if we thought it was unfair. I really wanted to raise my hand and say, YES it was completely unfair. If it was a capital offense, they should have warned people. I can't remember his explaination other than you shouldn't break the rules regardless of the punishment.

    I find it interesting how they recycle parts. Makes sense I guess.

  • Splash

    If anyone tells me I should quit my demanding job which keeps me away from certain meetings, I'll tell them this job came after weeks of intense prayer, so I view it as being from Jehovah.

    Who am I to question Jehovah and why he thinks this is best for me?


  • moshe
    However this new job will cause him to miss most midweek meetings and one Sunday meeting a month.

    Reminds me of the counsel I received 30 years ago for having to work out of town. I blew the elders off as they weren't paying my bills or providing the medical insurance for my family. Another brother was working in a shipyard and was told he had to quit because the shipyard was doing work on Navy boats- so he quit and was unemployed for a long time (until I helped him get on my job) and his truck was repossessed. He found out a few years later the elders didn't have the right to order him to immediately quit his job.

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