BoE Facebook Accounts

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  • notjustyet

    What about a elders wife having a FB account? It would seem that this would fall under him not having control of his family.


  • jemba

    Ive made it quite clear that I do NOT like a particular elder in my town but the idiot still tried to 'friend' me twice!! Its obvious its just an attempt to spy on me and catch me out otherwise it would be his gossipy wife trying to 'friend' me. Im so far only 'inactive'. Fading can be tricky at times.

  • tiki

    i thought the word from headquarters was to stay far far away from social websites?!? i would think that all the seriously obedient ones would view facebook as the plague. and how can they spy on people who have their privacy settings fixed appropriately?'s all a bunch of hooey.


    I know a brother who used the internet to stalk someone he met in field service. He went to a web-site and somehow got the guys adress and phone number and then went to his house. He was trying to show how we should be thorough in the ministry, he came off looking like a stalker, which he was... So if Elders will do that to track a householder, then I am sure they are doing other internet activities to spy on Shepherd the flock....

  • 88JM

    tiki - their recent magazines are certainly cautionary about social networks at the very least, but I get the feeling they've given up on trying to get people to stay away from it altogether (they were so late to the game on that one anyway - people had already been using it for ages).

    However, if you attend anything like an Elders and Ministerial Servants meeting, the tone of warning changes to being much stronger, basically that if you are on Facebook you will lose your "privileges" (an exception obviously is made for spying Elders).

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