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    I was raised as a witness in Canada all my life. The majority of my time attending Watchtower meetings I was essentially never exposed to how spiritual beliefs relate to political belifes, even in terms with JW Watchtower doctrine. I grew up understanding that some witnesses had diffrent ideas on things, but was made to feel that the Watchtower established many key beliefs that are required for witnesses in good standing. My father is very anti gun, and I suppose my mother is as well (I think she is more likely to change her mind on various things if it were allowed). Guns where never talked about in the meetings or Watchtower literature, and if they were, it was in regards to biblical prophecy referring to the swords being turned into plowsheres, and how this is also used by the United Nations at their headquarters in the UN, basically teaching that the UN has an anti gun or gun disarmament agenda (without saying as much; and of course, the United Nations is very much pro global disarmament, as well as the implementation of world government). It was not until recently did I come to fully realize that some witnesses do own guns, offically only for hunting, but are quite profecient in their use (and currently witnesses with guns is increasing a fair bit right now). However only now do I see how gun ownership and beliefs on gun affect political beliefs. I was always under the impression that witnesses, as true Christains, are politically neutral, they stand only for Gods World Kingdom. My dilema is realizing that even owning a gun means you are leaning more towards what you could call the political right or Republican idea. (Republicans are not perfect) How do some of those key ideas sit with active good standing witnesses who own guns? The Watchtower says the UN is bad, and the UN will disarm the world, and that God and his World Kingdom will remove and destroy all guns (and all weapons).

    I have studied as many things as I can have deeply during my life. I have ventured into the deepest, darkest corners of information in order to learn as much as I could about how our world works. It tought me what politcs are, and how they work. It made me learn history in a whole new way. It made me examine sensitive issues, even religion and doctrine, of many many diffrent religions. Indeed personal research and the alternative media lead me into the rabbit hole of conspiracy land, and each new thought, fact, explanation and even the occasional theory, Ive come to a very full picture, being part of the Watchtower as a young child through my life until recently. Ive seen and learned things that have shocked me to my core (sometimes in a way that makes me question EVERYTHING , and at times made the Watchtower belifes seem so incredibly real, truefull, that I would submit to everything they said, to then fully seeing exactly what side the Watchtower serves. (Some aspects of the Watchtower are for the good, but so much is not).

    With the events of recent years, and even the past few days, I am very, very, very concerned. Ive come to learn that everything Ive been taought as a Witneses is as truefull as it could be, yet also filled with misrepresentations, hidden agendas, and clues to the realities. I was taught that at any time, Witnesses could be banned, and the government would take us to internment camps and likely kill us. They tought us about what happened to Witnesses in Germany and Russia, America and Canada, and made us be prepared for it to happen at any time. Of course my in-depth research proved to me that this is indeed accurate. I learned how the government works, and what has happened in other countries, and what is happening now.

    I have come to realize that we are facing an international agenda of evil, formentend by the bankers and their technocrat politicans and thier talking heads who are pushing and controlling the worlds affairs to thier means towards a prescripted agenda even outlined in the Holy Bible. Every major organization is taking part in some form or the other, and the Watchtower is not exempt. Ive come to see that the Watchtower is right about many things, but overall is serving the wrong side.

    Currently the issue of guns in America is at a red alert crisis status. In fact, all liberties in America, and much of the civilized world, are at a Red Alert Crisis status at the moment. These are liberties all Christains who are determined to do what is excpected of them rely on. We are under assult by a hybrid communist style international agenda under the United Nations and the banking establishment who are slowlly, and every day racing towards vaporizing the constitution of the United States and our God given liberties. When they take all the rights away, when they are done the world agenda, we will be living in North Korea style squalor. We can no longer convince ourselves otherwise.

    My question of the Watchtower is, if you are so devoted to Christianity and to the Grand Creator, why are you determined to force your members and the public to submit to communistic ideas and actions. Really think about what the key attributes of the Watchtower corporation are:

    - Listen Obey and Be Blessed - Obey the Watchtower, even if we are wrong, we are led by God, so it must be right.
    - Submit to the authorities. Taking any stand in terms of their laws is taking a stand against God, excpet if it conflicts with a doctrine of the Watchtower

    - Reject firearms and weapons and view them as terrible, evil, and unnessacary, beat them into plowshears just like the United Nations.

    I could go on and on about the ways the Watchtower and thier doctrine and heiarcrhy and structure behave exactly in the way the worlds system of control works. The Watchtower policies in many, many ways emulates the Devils evil policies throughout history in so many ways its hard to even relate them all.

    We are well trained as Witnesses and former Witnesses that the WHOLE WORLD IS LAYING IN THE POWER OF THE WICKED ONE.

    Well, im here to tell you, the Watchtower is part of the WHOLE WORLD THAT IS LAYING IN THE POWER OF THE WICKED ONE. As Christains, there are many important decisions and ideas and beliefes we must choose to accept.

    My last question is. What kind of politics did you, your family, and friends have as Witnesses? What are your polictical ideas now ?

    Myself I hate labels because of what growing up as a Witness is like, and my understanding of the worlds systems. But if were to label myself, it would be Christian Constitutional Republican Libertarian. And yes, I am Canadian. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  • Infowarrior

    Oh and to add, Im seriusly worried about the very high likelyhood of a second civil war or revolution in America at any time right now. If they make any more progress in thier agenda, it will be very bad, they have some serious plans in place, and many in the system are ready to enforce some serious measures, and it could get really really bad really really quickly. With important gun figures suddenly mysetiously dieing (FPSRussia), and the move to Executive Orders and other operations to change and challenge the American Constitution and the American people, as well as other moves by the various American organizations, its not looking very good at all right now.

    Just wanted to add that.

  • sooner7nc

    Please excuse me but what the hell is a Christian Constitutional Republican Libertarian?

    I wouldn't read too much into what you glean from the news right now. If you sift out the sensationalism and bullshit you're left with political grandstanding and not much more.

    In the meantime our friends at Bushmaster, CMMG, Olympia, Rguns, Rock River Arms, etc. keep churning out ARs. Keep'em coming guys.

  • wasblind

    My dilema is realizing that even owning a gun means you are leaning more towards what you could call the political right or Republican idea._____Infowarrior

    Not true, many Democrats own guns also. And as A democcrat, I want to reserve the right to blast someones ass if they

    bust up in my house and try to hurt my family

    But there also needs to be reform. There are some weapons that have no place at all in society

    unless your part of a swat team or other special division

    One thing I have noticed, especially when I watched Piers Morgan

    the angrier people are they seem to buy more guns

    because they have lost thier sense of practicality

    You can't stop an angry man from buyin' a gun

    but there needs to be a law on what kind of weapon that angry man

    can get his hands on

    In my opinion, mass murderers start out angry at somethin' in the first place



  • sammielee24

    Your name makes me wonder if you are an ardent listener of Info Wars....aka infowarrior....if you are just remember - Alex Jones earns a living on being able to sensationalize. Read between the lines and realistically ask yourself what you think you would do if the global forces actually surrounded your compound? You really think they have the same guns as you? You honestly think they couldn't take you down before you even knew they were there?

    While I do believe that many countries have been taken over by corporations and bankers who have more control than any government in power - I'm smart enough to realize that holding one gun in your hand or even an arsenal means squat if the crap really hits the fan. I'm also smart enough to realize that they don't want the small men - they can crush the will of the people economically, morally, ethically and spiritually and have been pretty good at it so far. People like Jones keep scaring people about the bad boys coming to their door and taking their women and forcing them into camps to be tortured while they shoot the men - they keep bringing up Hitler and Stalin - all the while claiming they support the troops who are over in other countries doing to people what he's afraid his own government will do to him. Wouldn't he be just as effective in taking a different approach? Like rising en masse to stop property taxation? Or income tax? He screams about the Federal Reserve but does nothing to say what he would be willing to do to remove their power - except guns.

    I'm not anti gun - but there's just so much noise about this issue from some rabid talk show hosts that it starts to sound like the ONLY solution to tyranny is a gun when in fact the biggest tyranny is the control of money and the disparity between people that continues to grow. People work all day and can't afford to eat, they get hungry. Sooner or later they get fed up. They get tired. They don't see a world of hope and opportunity but a world of drudgery, enslavement and hopelessness. That's the bigger issue. They turn to drink and drugs, get told they have a mental illness like depression, get prescribed drugs to keep them calm and working for ten years longer as they keep toiling and keep losing. I think that's where a lot of countries are at now and so it isn't the gun that will bring you power - it's changing how you are controlled. With 128 million Americans for example, getting a government income for one reason or another - half the population isn't about to cut off the milk supply and nothing will change. You have 128 million Americans on government aid who feel hopeless and ineffective without that money to live on while at the same time, frustrated at their lot in life so the gun becomes the answer.


  • Infowarrior

    i need to clarify. I have never used or owned a weapon and I dont have a compound. I dont even listen to Alex all that much, however my questions werent really awnsered.

    What were you and your family and friends political belifes as a JW ? How does the Watchtower JW doctrines and mindset realate to what is discussed in alternate media regarding the constitution, UN, and liberty and fireams ? I dont even know what the Watchtower really teaches about the UN anymore, other then qouting their figures and slyly pushing thier propaganda as a NGO.

    Are good JWs supposed to support gun bans and consfications ? Do JWs really want to live in a UN communist style hybrid world government?

    It seems like thier is quite alot that being a JW or a Mainstream Christain or Jew involves making strong stands and being ignorant of key facts and just how bad things are.

    In fact most people are slow to admit just how bad things really are.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    InfoWarior - You must love Alex Jones. I started downloading his podcasts daily for about 2 months and found myself getting depressed listening to him. He is very interesting but tough to listen to regularly. I know he has made some predictions then they came to fruition. ie 9/11

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    sammielee24 - lol. I just read your post. You're thinkin what I'm thinkin

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Just don't put all your eggs in the Alex Jones basket....for what its worth. He's kinda nutty, but in a good way - if there is a good nutty?

  • designs

    Dear Comrade, all is well.

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