January 2013 WT Article is Cruel to JW Parents

by NoRegrets 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • heathen

    it seems like it's either the severly debauched that leave of some will go off chasing education and find it was all fruitless and having money is somehow causing them problems , I guess we should all be living on welfare ,,hmmm

  • minimus

    There IS a sucker born every minute!

    I agree, a few might come back but that's a crapshoot.

    NOBODY in their right mind would want to be in a cult!

  • 00DAD

    As I recall, when the Prodigal Son was on his way home the Father ran out to meet him before he even got all the way back to the house. The Father hugged and kissed him making him feel welcomed and loved.

    While he was yet a long way off, his father caught sight of him and was moved with pity, and he ran and fell upon his neck and tenderly kissed him. - Luke 15:20

    At the KH, when a "Prodigal Son" returns he or she will be told to sit in the corner quietly and be shunned for an indeterminate period of time, usually many months, before they will be allowed to talk to anyone else in the congregation.

  • NoRegrets

    Great point dad! These Pharisees today really do "strain the gnat but swallow the camel"!

  • heathen

    very true 00DAD , apparently it takes at least six months to get all the gangreen off from contimating the rest .... Any way I think the father in the story represents how GOD sees it not a bunch of hypocrite elders , In reference to the "anointed". How sad is it when they don't even consider it shunning when in actuallity it is ,, duh -- websters , shunning = to avoid deliberately or relgiously ,habitually

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The vast majority who leave the JW's, do not become drug addicts, prostitutes or criminals. That's just what they want JW's to believe.

    You mean convinced them to believe

  • happilyontheouts

    Reminds me of the part I had on the stage at 2 circuit assemblies. I had to pretend I had moved out and was calling my mother to come back home and subsequently back to the "truth". I remember people saying that the part made them cry. I was so embarrassed up there on that stage. I also remember being irritated that we had to attend assemblies on both sides of the circuit just because of that stupid part. LOL Seriously though. I think most people who return to the jdubs just miss their family or friends or whatever. It isnt because they miss Jehovah. Those people seem to spend their time drifting in and out. Getting df'd and reinstated numorous times...

  • Vidiot
    Sulla - "And getting paid a couple times for sex does not make you a prostitute, or anything."

    Not at all.

    You're a guy, so it makes you a gigolo.

    Completely different situation.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Leaving the JW's doesn't make people turn to prositution, crime, and dope... Growing up with out the full love and support of one's family does.

    Cage.........that was very profound.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    My prodigal son after five years left bethel and came home.

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