Some thoughts on the recent BOE letter

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  • truthlover

    I know in Canada there is this law about the "Privacy Act". I don't know how far reaching it goes as regards a JC and reporting to cong when a pedo is now in the congregation. Are they permitted to verbalize the previous actions of this person to the congregation? or will they be brought up on legal charges if his/her previous actions are told to the congregation?

    Anybody know??

  • jgnat

    There are both federal and provincial laws on privacy.

    There are specific circumstances where privacy is overridden, for instance, to protect the public and in police investigations. Court cases are public (Justice must be open and public) as are court sentences.

    I see our sex offender registry can only be reviewed by law enforcement personnel, and it is a criminal offence to mis-use the information on the registry.

    "Authority to notify the public of the release of high-risk offenders continues to be regulated under the Privacy Act Section 8(2)(m)."

    Paragraph 8(2)(m) of the Privacy Act permits for the disclosure of personal information where, in the opinion of the head of the institution, the public interest in disclosure clearly outweighs any invasion of privacy that could result from the disclosure, or disclosure would clearly benefit the individual to whom the information relates. It is up to the head of the institution to determine whether the public interest outweighs the right to privacy.

  • BroMac

    any pedo should be disfellowshipped on the spot if convicted by the Superior Authorities. ie.. if they have done time for it and on their release they wish to seek reinstatement then they should be told to stay away from the KH. Let them use the Dial In systems to listen in to the meetings. But they remain DF'd. If they are truly repentant then Jehovah/Jesus will be cool with that at the Big A.

  • BroMac

    what tends to happen before this Predator letter was sent to the BOE is the good Elders would give you a nod and a wink when warning family heads about sleeper pedos

  • 00DAD

    konceptual99, that was a good, thorough and balanced consideration of the issues involved. I haven't read all the comments but your OP was excellent!

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