What I don't understand about the 2013/4/15 link

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  • Gorbatchov

    Hi friends,

    I don't understand why some posters can provide the link to the 2013/4/15 study edition Watchtower http://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=PDF&issue=20130415&output=html&pub=w&langwritten=E&option=TRGCHlZRQVNYVrXF&txtCMSLang=E

    and why I can't find this edition on the jw.org download page.

    How do you know the link, before published at the site?? Just courious. Gorby
  • Gayle

    ask LostGeneration,,helped me,,

  • Gayle
  • BroMac

    something about changing the date in the address bar.

  • BlindersOff1

    Heres the answer

    Go to http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/

    You will see a place to click labeled "Podcasts" . The edition comes out 1st on this link .

  • LostGeneration

    Here is what I posted on the other thread...

    Sometimes the mag is up but they don't post it to the main page for whatever reason. If you "copy link" for the March edition, and then paste it in the address bar, but don't hit enter. Go to the part of the address where the month is, and change it. For example, March is "03" for the third month, change it to "04" for April.

    I have also found it early via google, put in something like "april 2013 Watchtower". Google is good at finding everything, even if they haven't linked it from their other pages.

  • Gorbatchov

    Thanks all for your fast reply's. It's amazing what you can find before publishing!

    JWD presents the new light much faster then the new light organization!


  • sd-7

    The podcast is merely a foregleam of the larger fulfillment of the magazine to come. Only those enlightened by progressive instruction are able to download it...as I antitypically BLUUEAAAAH


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I google "April 2013 watchtower study edition" and google provides the link.

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