Would you give your life for those that shun you?

by Esse quam videri 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • brandnew
    Question is.........would they give their life for a shunned person?
  • brandnew

    Lets see, jw's dont even want to give up a handshake, or a "hello", do ya think they would give up their life?.......

    Yeah thats what i thought.

  • done4good

    The Searcher - Most J.W.s - not all - are just people who are doing what many of us here used to do.

    Having the scales removed from the eyes should make us far better human beings.

    It depends on who, but for someone I care about, yes. What The Searcher states above is reality, and I am not into being a hypocrite.


  • confuzzlediam
    Yes, I would. Just because they have shunned me, does not mean that I have stopped loving them. Call me crazy! lol
  • Oubliette

    They're in a cult under mind-control.

    Searcher and cookie master nailed it.

  • Mephis

    I don't have any hate or animosity towards my family, who all remain inside. But it is 20 years of shunning this year. These people are strangers to me now. My actions would be based upon whether I would do it for a stranger on the street. Sometimes that means 'yes', other times that would be a 'no'.

  • Giordano

    I am not going to run into a burning building but I am going to sound a warning and help anyone escape as best I can. Of course if I extend a helping hand and it is shunned that's on them.

    I think giving up your life for someone is problematical......... would I help a parent who is shunning me and who is going through a bad time of course.......... to me that's 'family business'.

    I have noted however that JW's carry their family shunning much too far. I can appreciate that they don't want to hear about how bad the Society or doctrines are, but other conversations and visits re family interests should be encouraged.

  • millie210

    The scripture in the original post is a hyperbole. Its purpose was to highlight through exaggeration the need for people to love one another, even in extreme circumstances.

    The fact that people will die for those they love or causes they believe in is well known. If it werent we wouldnt have soldiers fighting for causes governments deem worthy.

    So I guess I dont understand the question - since people doing this has existed throughout time.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I sin' no Jesus. His sacrifice was more than enough.


  • Vidiot
    I'd pull them from a burning building, but I'd think twice before letting one of 'em have a kidney.

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