So, the NHL is back...

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    Can't say I was impressed with the NHL leading up to the lock out.

    I'm lucky where I am at: more hockey than I know what to do with. I have been more interested in the AHL (Toronto Marlies) .

    I have a soft spot forever for the Toronto Maple Leafs; and I was really happy when Winnipeg got its team back (screw you Bettman: you got that one VERY WRONG ... didn't you?). Yes, it was superb to see the Winnipeg Jets back where they belong: WINNIPEG!

    Sad to know that the legends of hockey didn't get paid very much. You can understand why Tim Horton, started up his own coffee chain. He even had 'Grampy Bower' (Johnny Bower) and a few other hockey greats from back in the day, help serve coffee and donuts during their early start-up enterprise. Hockey players back then, didn't get much.

    Decades later: multi-millionaires. Too bad some of that excess wouldn't go back to perhaps, elevate the legends' pensions and benefits.

    I'm still feeling left out in the cold with the NHL at the moment. Thankfully, I have the AHL and OHL leagues here where I'm at here in Southern Ontario. Don't forget Womens Hockey either!

  • sir82

    It was gone?

    So what are they going to do - move the Stanley Cup finals to August? Nothing like summer ice hockey!

  • DaCheech

    I'm a football fan, but I must say that Hockey is the only sport where seeing it live, is better than watching it on a big screen! koodos!

    anyway, many on this board know how I feel about Unions, and this is another example where the fans will loose, not the owners

  • MrFreeze

    They are shortening the season. Didn't hear yet if it is going to be 42 or 50 game season.

    RAYZORBLADE, the great thing is that now you can add the NHL on top of the OHL and the AHL! I love watching hockey. I don't care what level it is. Even watching people play dek hockey.

    DaCheech I knew several people who never liked hockey, went to a game and then became huge fans. To me it is the best sport to watch in person. I've been to three playoff games in my lifetime. That is as exciting as it gets. Like I said before, that playoff game in MSG still gives me chills thinking about it.

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