Bible Studies these days in the Borg

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  • l p
    l p

    Hey I just read on another thread that they dont study the truth book or the paradise book anymore.

    Omg when i was a dub i was always trying to get studies with the paradise book.


    So what do they study with these days?


  • wannaexit

    Study Books:

    From paradise lost to paradise restored ----1959 through the sixties

    The truth that leads to eterna life -1968-seventies

    Live forever in a paradise earth --through the 1980's

    The knowledge that leads to everlasting life -thorugh the 1990's

    What does the bible really teach--Present

  • extractor

    Study Books:

    From paradise lost to paradise restored ----1959 through the sixties

    The truth that leads to eterna life -1968-seventies

    Live forever in a paradise earth --through the 1980's

    The knowledge that leads to everlasting life -thorugh the 1990's

    What does the bible really teach--Present

    Bible --- Never

  • cobaltcupcake

    I hated lugging that stupid Paradise book around in FS. It weighed down my book bag.

  • Terry

    Let's state this plainly: Jehovah's Witnesses convince each other their beliefs are really pure bible teachings. But, for some peculiar reason, the bible doesn't present those teachings clearly or logically so that

    anybody could do it on their own. Watchtower writings are superior in this regard!

    The actual use of the bible is begrudging and ancillary.

    So, the pretext for sitting down in somebody's home is cynical.

    This is triangulation.

    The publisher must demonstrate their personal efficacy by racking up hours or an elder will chew their tail.

    The Society must move those books and magazines to make room for the endless flow of feckless drivel already in the pipleline.

    The householder bears the burden of waking up to this ploy before getting sucked in to the indoctrination process.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And the Bible doesn't have pictures of kids petting pandas and drawings of rocks falling from the sky smashing people's heads open. You can't learn anything from the Bible without WT "visual aids."

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I studied from the 2nd version of the Live Forever book

  • blondie

    I wonder what "bible students" studied in the first century?

    Since the Christian congregation was said to be established in 33 C.E. what did they use between then and 49 C.E.?

    Darby List

    Galatians (A. D. 49)

    James (A. D. 50)

    1 Thessalonians (A. D. 51)

    2 Thessalonians (A. D. 52)

    1 Corinthians (A. D. 55)

    2 Corinthians (A. D. 57)

    Romans (A. D. 57)

    Mark (late 50s - early 60s)

    Matthew (late 50s - early 60s)

    Luke (A. D. 60-61)

    Colossians (A. D. 61)

    Philemon (A. D. 61)

    Ephesians (A. D. 61)

    Philippians (A. D. 62)

    I Tim othy (A. D. 63)

    Acts (A. D. 63)

    Hebrews (A. D. 64)

    Titus (A. D. 65)

    John (A. D. 65)

    1 John (A. D. 65)

    2 John (A. D. 65)

    3 John (A. D. 65)

    1 Peter (A. D. 65)

    2 Tim othy (A. D. 67)

    2 Peter (A. D. 67)

    Jude (A. D. 68)

    Revelation (A.D. 70)

    Another list

    N.T. BookAuthor


    LatestMost Likely
    GalatiansApostle PaulA.D. 48A.D. 50A.D. 48
    1 ThessaloniansApostle PaulA.D. 50A.D. 52A.D. 51
    2 ThessaloniansApostle PaulA.D. 50A.D. 52A.D. 51
    MarkMarkA.D. 45
    John Wenham / John A. T. Robinson
    A.D. 60
    A. Harnack
    A.D. 48-55
    1 CorinthiansApostle PaulA.D. 55A.D. 55A.D. 55
    2 CorinthiansApostle PaulA.D. 56A.D. 56A.D. 56
    RomansApostle PaulA.D. 57A.D. 57A.D. 57
    (half-brother of Jesus)
    A.D. 38A.D. 62A.D. 50-60
    LukeLukeA.D. 57-62A.D. 57-62A.D. 57-62
    EphesiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
    PhilippiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
    ColossiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
    PhilemonApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
    ActsLukeA.D. 62-63A.D. 62-63A.D. 62-63
    TitusApostle PaulA.D. 62A.D. 63A.D. 63
    1 TimothyApostle PaulA.D. 62A.D. 64A.D. 63
    2 TimothyApostle PaulA.D. 64A.D. 64A.D. 64
    1 PeterApostle PeterA.D. 63A.D. 68A.D. 64-67
    2 PeterApostle PeterA.D. 64A.D. 68A.D. 65-68
    HebrewsUnknownA.D. 40A.D. 69A.D. 50-68
    MatthewApostle Matthew

    A.D. 40
    John Wenham / John A. T. Robinson

    A.D. 110
    Paul Minear
    A.D. 65-70
    (half-brother of Jesus)
    A.D. 60A.D. 85A.D. 65-80
    JohnApostle JohnA.D. 60's
    F. Lamar Cribbs
    A.D. 90'sA.D. 90's
    1 JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D. 90's
    2 JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D 90's
    3 JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D. 90's
    RevelationApostle JohnA.D. 68A.D. 97A.D. 95-97
  • l p
    l p

    thanks guys... ive been out for a few years now and have just lost touch with it all...

    goes to show they have changed everything in the short time ive been out....

    so not 'the truth'


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    In 1951 my mother and I started with the green cover "Let God Be True" book (replaced with a maroon cover and changed a bit in 1952). The "The Truth Shall Set You Free" book was supposed to be the second book you studied before baptism, but as far as I know, not a single person ever got that far. They either got baptized or slammed the door by the time they got through the LGBT (OMG!!!! do you see what those letters stand for?!?) book.

    "Let God Be True" was, in my opinion, probably the best first study book ever published. It sure brought a lot of people into the "truth" and was cheap at 25 cents a copy.

    I remember being severely reprimanded by my mother after one study we had when I asked the lady we were studying with ("Sister Kelly") when we were going to "study the Bible"? I was no longer included in any more "Bible" studies with my mother after that - apparently because I "asked too many questions."

    I was 8 years old.


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