Is This the Safest Time To Be Alive?

by 00DAD 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • jgnat

    In this part of the world, it would be back to our "hunter-gatherer" roots.

  • Satanus

    The huge improvement of one quarter of the worlds population that is china is a good piece of evidence to consider. It's almost a quantum leap of progress in the long term picture.

    In the big picture, in many ways we have only just begun to be more civilized in many aspects. If i was to be transported to another time, i would opt for a future time. I'ld take my chances somewhere 500 yrs or maybe a 1000 yrs in the future, rather than the past. 'Course, the present is pretty good...


  • jgnat

    Play Gapminder World. I love watching those bubble-countries growing and rising.

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