Is this the way a good Christian should present himself/herself?

by I_love_Jeff 7 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • I_love_Jeff

    Jehovah's Witness states: "The word 'disgusting' is always applied to false religious practices - and it's appropriate to point out God's feelings about them."

    I found this up on YA! Answers. What sayeth you?

  • cantleave

    Describing themselves IMO

  • I_love_Jeff

    Yes indeed they are!

  • cobaltcupcake

    "Disgusting" is allowing pedophiles to run around the organization unchecked.

  • I_love_Jeff

    Good point cobalt, I agree!!

  • unstopableravens

    umm i think putting kids on the awake in 94 after they died for a blood doctrine that is not from the bible that keeps changing, does that count as a false practice?

  • mP

    Pedophilia is evil, but the church has killed millions over its 2000 years. Lets not forget the evils of slavery, serfdom and so on which existed all blessed by its clergy. Christianity is the biggest evil to have been given to mankind. The death count shows this. Just ask the natives of Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Australia, everywhere it went the church blessed the conquerors during their greedy travels.

  • WTWizard

    Disgusting is making people afraid of anything that enhances spirituality. Witlesses are wasting their power meditation, researching, and magick-practicing time in field circus. And they are afraid that Satan or one of His Demons are going to get them if they so much as look at a Ouija board or possess some music that some Satanist had a hand in producing. They miss out on fun, too--no holidays for them, no vacations, time off from school or work taken for field circus, all money in the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund. Sexuality is tightly regulated--homosexual activity totally banned, and heterosexual activity has to be within the confines of marriage and then approved activity only.

    Not to mention the fraud. If they are going to be half-Jewish, I expect them to honestly reveal that fact to new recruits, being up-front about it, BEFORE such person becomes dedicated to joke-hova. But the washtowel doesn't have the decency to reveal that. Rather, they claim to be the only pure Christians--while they have many a Talmud's worth of rules, most of which are behind the scenes. I have been to many a REJECT Astaroth Party, and that was about as close to full Jewishness as it comes (far from the Christian festival they bill it as). The a$$emblies were about as close to some of the Jewish festivals as you are going to get in a "Christian(??)" religion. They are always using Old Testament characters you might expect to find exalted at a synagogue, not a church. And they are idolizing New Jerusalem--if that isn't a blatant marker that the religion is part Jewish, I don't know what is. Yet, a new recruit would never be honestly told that--nor did I get a straight honest answer when I confronted my study conductor when I was going in--that thing simply denied anything of the sort, saying how Jews were rejected for rejecting Jesus. (Well, dingbat, then why do they have so many Pharisaic characteristics?)

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