Do we have an update on how many NEWBIES have joined in 2012 ?

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  • Bebopin
  • alanv

    Anyone who is interested could click on members above and scroll through that section. It actually tells you when that member joined.

    I agree would be interesting, but would be a huge job preparing a graph of all those members. Good luck to anyone who wants to do it.

  • lost1

    Hi. Joined about 7 months ago. Make the odd comment but learnt shed load on here. Maybe be brave enough to start another thread off one day!!

  • Theredeemer

    hi! joined about 2 years ago. I think i visit this site more than facebook!

  • goodsoul

    Hi! I am new here, still JWs elder, that doesn't attend meetings and don't participate in any JW activities since october 2012. I would leave org. right away, but will try to be inactive as long as possible because of our with wife parents.

  • Afrikana

    Hi. ..from Eastern Africa. I visit this page daily without fail. I'm very grateful to the Admin and other regular posters for helping me emancipate myself from mental slavery by WBTS...I'm still in the 'angry ' phase,wondering how I could have been so brainwashed. I've learnt so much in a short while,and although I'm still 'active',I do as little as I can and are determined never to give a cent to this corrupt cult.

  • smiddy

    Welcome guys ,gals, and gays ( have I missed out on anybody ? ) Everyone here loves it when newbies start posting , or are only just perusing .


    haboob 48


    T.F.C. ,good for you

    Phizzy , what you say is so true

    Bebopin , try using chrome so we can read your comments

    Lost 1

  • freeinmichigan
  • Honeybucket


    Ive been here for about 2 months now. I first started to question things in july after moving in with my MIL. The things she would say and do really made me start to wonder...(she would start moaning and gaging when there was anything about gays on TV). Then I started noticing how others in the field service would come and visit her and do the same thing. These things really really bothered me, I am very liberal and I believe in equal rights, I then remembered something my faded aunt told me. She said if you have the truth, it will stand up to any research you do. She then said one thing," Did you know the elders have a secret book nobody is suppose to know about?" With those words in my head I googled watchtower society lies; jwfacts came up and my world was tipped upside down. I was so lost, I needed to know the truth, and since JW's obviously didnt have the truth I needed to find out the REAL truth. I am a medical marijuana patient, so I got super super high and just delved into my own head. I analyzed myself, my beliefs, and who I am. I thought about all religions and beliefs, did serious research into all of them to find which one a relate with. I actually debunked many religions. So then I needed to figure out who I am. I spent my whole life trying to be someone I am not. Its now time for me to be MYSELF. i stopped going out in field service and I only go to meeting when my MIL forces me to, but I go to a movie instead. I figured out my life has been a waste so i enrolled in a tech college. It was my first day today and I loved it. My husband and I are working on moving out of MIL and out of county. We will then be able to fade completely. But for now this is the only place I am able to express myself freely. People who arent familiar with the JW's cant understand what I went through. The JW's that I did confide in stabbed me in the back. My husband does not want to hear anything neg about the WTS. He says I look at it in a negetive way. He wont go to meetings or go out in service either, so Im not gonna bitch too much. So this is my release and I want to say thank you to every member, because without this forum Im not sure where I would be mentally. So thank you guys very much

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Hi Smiddy, believe it was August 2012 when I joined, convinced me 100% the WT is all BS.- Leslie

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