This generation will by now means pass away..."

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Absolutely nothing puts me in a worse mood than this generation bs.

    It is the most asinine cult teaching on planet earth.

  • moshe

    The GB is a great game changer- and they do it so well!


    Well, it really is simple after all.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Maybe you’re on to something ‘Think About It’ when you said this:

    “The WTS should have changed their stance and agreed with the secular scholars that Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 BCE. Then they could have just claimed the Gentile Times ended in 1934. They could have built some type of Theology around Hilter and his Nazi Party coming to power around then. Jesus being invisably present with war in heaven, and Satan being cast down and starting WWII by 1939. They could have stuck with the "this generation" teaching and rode it out until 2034.”

    A new kind of trouble was in the skies around World War II. The Foo Fighter phenomena made its appearance in WWII. Both Nazi and Allied pilots were being pursued by balls of fire travelling at incredible speeds. There were so many reports of these sightings pilots were beginning to get ticked off by their pesky presence.

    In a mission debriefing on the evening November 27, 1944, Fritz Ringwald, the unit's S-2 Intelligence Officer, stated that Don Meiers and Ed Schleuter had sighted a red ball of fire that appeared to chase them through a variety of high-speed maneuvers. Fritz said that Don was extremely agitated and had a copy of the comic strip [Smokey Sover] tucked in his back pocket. He pulled it out and slammed it down on Fritz's desk and said, "... it was another one of those fuckin' foo fighters!" and stormed out of the debriefing room.”

    “The first sightings occurred in November 1944, when pilots flying over Germany by night reported seeing fast-moving round glowing objects following their aircraft. The objects were variously described as fiery, and glowing red, white, or orange. Some pilots described them as resembling Christmas tree lights and reported that they seemed to toy with the aircraft, making wild turns before simply vanishing. Pilots and aircrew reported that the objects flew formation with their aircraft and behaved as if under intelligent control, but never displayed hostile behavior. However, they could not be outmaneuvered or shot down. The phenomenon was so widespread that the lights earned a name - in the European Theater of Operations they were often called "kraut fireballs" but for the most part called "foo-fighters". The military took the sightings seriously, suspecting that the mysterious sightings might be secret German weapons, but further investigation revealed that German and Japanese pilots had reported similar sightings.”

    Wikipedia – Foo Fighter

    I vote you to be on the GB ‘Think About It’.

  • Vidqun

    The WT must have borrowed their overlapping generations model from the economists. So there might be some logic in their arguments after all. They measure the overlap with money: "Money endures for multiple periods." With them it is all about the money, and there we should not underestimate them. Money talks. Check out what Wikipaedia has to say on the subject: An overlapping generations model, abbreviated to OLG model, is a type of economic model in which agents live a finite length of time long enough to overlap with at least one period of another agent's life. All OLG models share several key elements: • Individuals receive an endowment of goods at birth. • Goods cannot endure for more than one period. • Money endures for multiple periods. • Individual's lifetime utility is a function of consumption in all periods. The most basic OLG model has the following characteristics: Individuals live for two periods; in the first period of life, they are referred to as the Young. In the second period of life, they are referred to as the Old. • A number of individuals is born in every period. Ntt denotes individuals born in period t. • Nt-1t denotes number of old people in period t. Since the economy begins in period 1. In period 1, there is a group of people who are already old. They are referred to as the initial old. They can be denoted as N0 . • The size of the initial old generation is normalized to 1 i.e. N 00 = 1. • People do not die early, N tt = N tt+1. • Population grows at a constant rate n: • There is only one good in this economy, and it cannot endure for more than one period. • Each individual receives a fixed endowment of this good at birth. This endowment is denoted as y. This endowment of goods can also be thought of as an endowment of labor that the individual uses to work and create a real income equal to the value of good y produced. Under this framework, individuals only work during the young phase of their life, etc.

  • FadeToBlack

    I remember when my wife got assigned a part on the school to cover this topic. She was in tears. She even asked me for help. I told her all I could do was show her what the current idea was and warned her not to use the Reasoning book, since it was old light. She ended up calling the school overseer and told him she couldn't do the part! It would have been kind of funny to let her do the part using the material from the reasoning book, but I did not want to see her humiliated when the overseer had to stop the part and finish it himself. It doesn't seem to bother her too much that she belongs to a religion that she can't explain what it believes/teaches.

  • Jewel

    Thank you all for your info, thoughts, and links.

    Holy CATS...this IS absolutely inane. I remember seemingly endless bookstudies during the 70's in which we dissected the math in the Old Testament prophets, manipulating it so that it led to 1914 and then...the generation doctine. I remember an illustration of the "feet of clay" passage with everything labeled so that the "feet of clay" started in 1914 and then led to...the generation doctrine. I remember being told that my baby brother would never have to start school in "This System" because the end would come soon because "...this generation will by no means pass away..." (He's in his 40's). I remember giving multiple talks about the generation thing in the Ministry School in the 70's. I remember my elder uncle giving a Sunday talk about this topic (multiple times because we'd sometimes go to other congregations when he was the speaker there).

    How can anyone who was a JW then buy this now? I mean, we're not talking about some tangential teaching...this was one of the foundations of the whole doctine, for Pete's Sake!

    No wonder Mom doesn't want to talk about this...

  • Bobcat


    We had an interesting discussion about "this generation" on this thread a couple of months ago.

  • tenene

    So this gives the WT another 100 years of existence

  • garyneal

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