What scripture was it that let an average joe know that they were annointed?

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  • heathen

    I believe there are 2 seperate destinies for christians , tho the WTBTS has the 2 folds of sheep scripture wrong , I think when jesus said that he was talking about jews and gentiles worshipping as equals and the end of the enmity . Revelations clearly talks about a GC and a LF ,144k and a great crowd . The way i see it the LF have to die as a human sacrifice or martyr in behalf of the preaching work while the GC survive the GT and walk into the new earth and paradise under kingdom rule. I think you can be anointed at any time as the bible shows some people were before the ritual of baptism , ACTS 10:44 shows that. I don't think it's just a scripture that shows you are anointing . The spirit lets you know .

  • Crazyguy

    WT uses only one Scripture to show one has an anointed calling so to speak that Romans 8:16 but if you read the whole chapter its clear their wrong as usual.

  • heathen

    that's true crazyguy - they always ignore the fact that the LF are martyred as part of the initiation for being co ruler and must endure a life of poverty as what jesus and the 12 did , foresaking all worldy comforts . They make it sound like living in a luxury condo in brooklyn is what it's about , surrounded by lawyers . I always hated the explanation that it's like knowing you are a boy or girl , completely ridiculous .

  • Nambo

    Maybe the OP was looking for the scripture that says they call "Abba Abba", cannot remember where it is.

    About half an hour after I was baptised, I felt the Holy Spirit that you normaly feel inside you, I felt it on the outside, starting on my head and running down the outside of my body.

    Of Course being a JW indoctrinated with the Great Crowd doctrine, it never occured to me that Holy Spirit being poured on you was actualy annoining, beside I never seemed to have the desire to keep on calling out, "Abba".

    Now Iam out and read how John the Baptist said Jesus would Baptise in Holy Spirit, I consider all who are genuine in their Baptism from man, will subsequently recieve the promised Baptism from Christ

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