Anyone else in "limbo?"

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  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    I believe in a Creator. I'm not sure of much else. There BS in all religions and perhaps some truth too. I think learning to accept the mystery and the fact that no one has all the answers is a big part of leaving the cult and coming to at least some peace about living your life as best you can. The Watchtower and its slaves thrive on claiming to provide the ultimate truth when in reality, it's all a big mirage.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Dinah - I understand the feeling. I haven't been able to find anything to hang my hat on either. I'm ultra suspicious of any organized religion.

    Watch the movie "Religulous." It helped me quite a bit.

  • likeabird

    Not me. As soon as I woke up I was completely through with religion and immediately put all my energy into getting my life back. I didn't want to waste another minute on it and I had a lot of life to rebuild!

    (Not sure if your question is about "limbo" in general or with respects to religious beliefs only.

    In the latter case I have no religious belief now and feel no need for one. The borg gave me my absolute fill of religion and beyond, so won't be needing any of that any time soon - if not ever again!

    In the former case, I would say having some goals in life and working towards them can help stay out of limbo. I have had short periods of "limbo" and it has driven me crazy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!)

  • LisaRose

    I felt that way at first, it was hard thinking you had all the answers to life's perplexing problems, only to find out you were wrong. I felt like someone ripped off my security blanket - It was cold! After a while I started to realize I didn't need to have all the answers, that maybe it was OK to just be in limbo. Now it doesn't feel like limbo, it is what it is, any one who tells you they have all the answers is lying or wrong. I am even open to the idea of another faith based community. I still feel more comfortable with Christianity, with all its faults. No religion will ever be perfect, and I am not going to join a hellfire/trinity kind of church. I have attended United Church of Christ, Congregational, I like it so far. They don't have any doctrines, per my MIL, who attends.

  • 00DAD

    Welcome to the board!

    For me it was very liberating to realize that I did NOT have a lock on "truth." Although I have to acknowledge that the process of first doubting, then questioning and then finally realizing you've been duped is not fun, indeed it can be quite traumatic for some: similar to grieving. But the end result is freedom and that is definitely worth it.

    I was always so uptight when I though I knew "The Truth" and had an answer for everything.

    It's so much better just considering the questions and considering possible answers, discarding the ones that are clearly wrong and entertaining those that might be possible. This is, of course, something forbidden to JWs.

    I think that's what makes the process pleasurable, working on it for yourself, exercising your own intelligence and your own will. Things which are also forbidden to JWs.

    Have you heard the expression:

    Embrace all seekers of truth; avoid anyone claiming to have found it!

    Good words to live by.


  • Gayle

    After being a JW, I never want to 'know it all' ever again!!

  • Ticker

    Welcome friend.

    What you are feeling is quite common. It's a side effect of spiritual abuse that we all suffered. It took me a considerable amount of time to digest the whole experience. Eventually you become comfortable and realize that being a Christian isn't about a religion but rather about Christ.

    No Church is perfect but it is the support they give that is the key benefit. While Church won't gain you salvation it can gain you a network of true friends who will not judge but rather be glad to help you along in your spiritual journey. Lot of Churches also offer care groups for specific requests such as basic theology, marriage support, bible study, etc. There is also youth groups and support for young people. Real support not just some dry doctrine biased book like the Watchtower offered. Kids have fun together, youth band, movie nights, games, soccor, camping, etc. It's a real source of loving social support for the members. Members get together for fun activities and this can be great when you have lost most of your social contacts due to leaving the JW religion.

    Best thing if you haven't already is study some basic Christian theology as it is black and white contrasted with Watchtower prejudiced doctrine. Your eyes will open to what being a Christian really means. Don't be afraid of Church or other Christians as there is no pre-requirements, no hassles, and again they are night and day as to what the Watchtower says about them. No one will care if you wear a dress clothes or blue jeans and sandals. Those are all morally neutral items. No one will be scouting outside your door because you didn't show up on Sunday, change Churches, or if you smoke. Those are personal choices that no one can judge. Plus the worship is completely different from anything you will have ever experienced. Actual live music and many churches have modern contemporary songs of praise. They will actually honor Jesus and you won't be bored to death with long unappliable out of context dogma. And they don't pester you about money like the Watchtower likes to claim. People do things because it comes from their heart not because they are demanded of it and that's when you start to discover the truth and freedom in Christ.

    Coming from experience of one who didn't reach out for support after my leaving the religion and then drifted from agnosticism to atheism and then to Christ. After all I've researched through the years Christ alone is what will bring you true joy.

    My best regards in your journey.

  • Cagefighter

    Welcome to life, get used to the feeling. Life is not black and white like the "org" told us. My money would say you are a "born-in" like me.

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