Bombing of KH in Sydney australia late 1980's ?

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  • zeb

    I recall the moment i heard of this on the radio. But there was little mention of it in months oryears later.

    Does anyone know what became of the victims?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    jwfacts is the guy who'll know most of the details I bet.

    The guy who was "thrown thru the roof" survived. I remember reading an article about him in a woman's magazine about a year after. He was an elder and I remember him giving talks at the district conventions.

    If I remember correctly, it happened around 1983.

  • Phizzy

    There was an informative thread on here about it, maybe 5 yrs ago, by a guy who was there if I recall, I don't know what exactly you would search under to find it.

  • 88JM

    I met the guy, David Winder, who was thrown through the roof - he was giving the public talk at the time. He and his wife are both really nice. David still walks with a little bit of a limp, but you might not notice unless someone told you. I think they were pretty sure the guy who planted the bomb was an unbelieving husband of one of the sisters in the congregation, but they couldn't prove it for some reason.

    The account is in the 22 November 1985 Awake page 9, and the 1 August 1992 Awake page 9.

    Thread here:

  • brinjen

    Yeah... I was thinking around the mid 80's when it happened. I remember I wasn't in high school yet.

    They gave a few "experiences" of that bombing a few months later... about how they were all fumbling through their bibles for a scripture the speaker had told them to look up so most of the blast went straight over their heads apparently. Imagine more so for those in the back as opposed to the front of the hall...

  • noni1974

    My goodness I remeber hearing about this way back when I was little. Honestly it scared me. I heard the bomber put nail in the bomb so that when it exploded it killed everyone from shrapnel, but they were praying at the time so had their heads bowed and all survived. It was blamed on an unbelieving mate of a sister going to that hall.

    Keep in mind my comment is the memory of a 8 year old child when this happened. As an adult I thought it was all BS and didn't really happen. Now that I know this wasn't just an JW urban myth, I'm kind of shocked about it. I'm not sure about the nails part at all, did that really happen??

  • brinjen

    I do re-call the part about the nails... just can't remember if I heard that info through the news or JW sources only. I did find an archive of a newspaper article from the time...,4027238

  • brinjen

    Should add there is info on the bombing on both pages 1 & 2. No mention of nails that I can see.

  • brinjen

    That woman on the front page holding the baby... her face is forever etched in my mind. I was 12 at the time. It was all over the news here and add to that the fact that the KH in my town had been burned down by arsonists a few years earlier and the elders in my congregation jumped all over it... the violence was starting and it was only going to get worse. Terrified me at the time.

  • fulltimestudent

    I was told, by someone from David Winder's congregation that he was lucky to survive. The nail bomb stripped his clothes from his body. And, from newspaper stories, some police investigators thought the KH bombing was associated with the murder of some family court Judges.

    This same friend expressed the view that the police suspect (though, I should emphasise) was a former witness (once a congregation servant) from the north coast of New South Wales.

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