Time Magazine Quote Of The Day

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    Time Magazine Quote Of The Day.



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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Great! They make us look like some kinda Cult...damn Time magazine...ill stick to Awake instead and sip some more special Watchtower Cool aid.

  • wannaexit

    Interesting. Watchtower has so much blood on their hands. Thanks for bringing this up..:)

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    I remember this case - at first, Maribel turned down the surgery. What a sad case, a young mother faced with a devastating disease and then an overwhelming choice.

    David Valdez sounds like King of the Pharisees that the organization is so good at grooming. There are some fine men and good human beings that serve as elders, but they ultimately answer to their cruel master.

    No Empathy - check

    No Compassion - check

    No Human Decency - check

    Judgmental - check

    How fitting that they quoted HIM in Time!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    excommunicated for agreeing to a possible blood transfusion.

    So the thought police are out again. Convicted for wrong thoughts

  • wasblind

    They need to rephrase that qoute

    " What's more important ; five, six, ten or twenty more years livin on earth, or dyin' ????? "

  • sir82

    And that's exactly why the WTS doesn't want anyone not in the WT PR department to ever speak to anyone from the press about anything.

    WT teachings, in their unvarnished form, appear loony, or cultlike, or both.

    That quote is from 2010.

    I'd bet you a box of donuts that the elders in that congregation got the nastiest letter you can imagine from the WTS, telling them in no uncertain terms that no one of them had better ever speak to anyone from the press ever again.

    I'm less certain, but I'd still bet a single donut, that they were threatened with immediate removal as elders if any one of them even so much as answered a phone call from a reporter.

  • problemaddict

    (drumroll), and THIS is why I am leaving the religion, and taking anyone who I can with me.

    The blood thing is indefensible at this point.

  • sd-7

    "He added....'...but the organ transplant is okay.'"


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