What Watchtower issue has the redefined notion of the Faithful and Discreet Slave

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  • A.M. Number 1
    A.M. Number 1

    I'm at McDonald's right now and the old lady who says God takes her thoughts and puts them in the Watchtower is here and studying at her usual table. She has a spread of WTs out and usually has a line forming for her to study with people. Anyway I tried to tell hger about the new definition of Faithful and Discreet Slave, but she is insisting there has been no change. A reference might be helpful.

  • cofty

    Its on the offical website as part of the report on the 2012 AGM

  • jwfacts

    See Faithful and Discreet Slave for a summary of the changes.

    The official statement is on their website.

    "“The faithful and discreet slave” was appointed over Jesus’ domestics in 1919. That slave is the small, composite group of anointed brothers serving at world headquarters during Christ’s presence who are directly involved in preparing and dispensing spiritual food. When this group work together as the Governing Body, they act as “the faithful and discreet slave.”" jw.org 10th Nov 2012

  • BluesBrother

    This does raise the question of why it has not yet appeared in print, for the mass of r & f publishers? Any study article now will not be studied untill the late Spring at the earliest. I expected it to feature quickly.

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