SOOO I had my Tarot read the other day. (what would say?)

by hamsterbait 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hamsterbait

    By this point in my life, I have no real belief in spooks or evil spirits.

    How I lost all these things that the JW inspire is a long story.

    SOOO No fear. No hate . No Pain .

    Intersesting though how many of the cards were relevant to my current state of impasse in my life: Knowing it has to change, but not knowing how to go about it.

    OH and next July I am supposed to be getting SIZZZLING sex with the love of my life.

    Watch this space...

    What do you think of the Tarot - crap, cold reading at a distance, relevant, useful tool to make you think?

    Has anybody had a reading that foretold something which actually happened?


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Tarot card reading if it's at a party, for fun, it's ok. Just don't believe anything that is said.

    But, I see that's TOO late as you are talking about the SIZZLING SEX that you WILL NOT be having UNTIL July 2013. (Tick .Tock. Anticipation.)


    HB- I am a little pyscho psychic too, so here's some 'free advice' : Mark my words, if you start 'seeking' psychics for help with your problems...

    ...I forsee monetary problems in your future....(LOL)

  • Honeybucket

    She may be the love of your life in july.. but will she be in August?

    Another thing is those cards plant a seed for self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • fakesmile

    it would have to ve very specific. example. on thursday the 5th you will be robbed by a naked midget with a pacemaker scar. and then, maybe id believe. and it serves the same purpous as religion... making $$$ from gullible people who want to believe that they dont have to do any hard work to make their dreams a reality.

  • Hortensia

    Well, if you believe the tarot cards have some sort of occult power, you're pretty gullible. However, I used to do tarot readings (yes, I'm an atheist with no belief AT ALL in anything spiritual or occult!)

    Here's how they can be useful: I would shuffle them seven times -- not because it's a special number but because I read a scientific article on randomness that said you have to shuffle a deck of cards at least seven times to come near randomness. Then I'd lay them out in the approved traditional manner.

    Then I'd have the person I was doing the reading for tell me a story about each card. I'd say, "what does this make you think of? What do you think he/she is doing here? What do you think the symbols mean?" After we went through all the cards, the person would usually have some sort of "aha" moment -- based solely on the stuff that came out of his/her own mind. In other words, the person would tell himself or herself a story based on how he/she interpreted the meaning of the cards. Usually the story came out of their own experience. So, I thought of it as a way of reframing information so that a person could see life experiences in a new way.

    Plus it pissed off my charismatic-christian-republican-NRA-member husband.

  • tiki

    hhaahahhaahah hortensia - i love your description of your hubby... ayiyiy! i don't know if i could live with someone of that description! yeah - no way.....

    but - interesting view on the tarot - i personally think its a bunch of hooey like so much else out there...........................

  • fakesmile

    hortensia. very creative. it sounds like you are bordering psycology.

  • MrFreeze

    I don't believe in any of that stuff and I know for sure the cold readings are complete crap. John Edwards, the Long Island Medium, and all those other cold readers. They are all scam artists.

  • Violia

    I have used tarot for several years and probably have 100 decks along with books and other items. I found them helpful for personal use , sort of like Jungian therapy. I no longer use them b/c there is nothing in those cards that I do not already know.

    Way back in the 70's I tried Astral travel once and was frightened by it and threw my tape away. I once somehow visited the Akashic records . I don't need to see my book as I already know what is in it. If I could see someone else's it might be worth it. Otherwise what is the point? It does appear I have been doing what is called a Life Review, however I am not near death . I just seem to be in non-stop review of my life since 09.

  • Satanus

    I see my divergent paths since the last few yrs. Don't need no cards for that. Life is choices: yes = one path, no = another path, and so, on. And, a person doesn't need someone else to tell him stuff. Getting someone else to do it is ok, but it's like going back to religion, where you always have someone else doing stuff for you: telling you god this or that, or whatever. How can someone else know, anyway?


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