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  • admirmitch

    I had an idea to which I don't even know if it would be feasible but I'd like to throw it out regardless. I figured this is the best place to post since this is the forum that gets the most traffic. However, this question is tech related.

    Is there anyone here (or know anyone) that has the technical capability of duplicating the WT Library? If so, here is an idea-incorporate everything from the very beginning. This would make research a whole heck of a lot easier (many thanks to Atlantis for what you have done and the time utilized-immense help). I do realize some material out there comes only as a PDF that has a screen capture that is non-searchable. For the smartphone/tablet users, there are apps to take a picture and make it into a searchable PDF. Any thoughts in relation to a project like this?

  • Bobcat

    I've heard-say that the Society has a version of the WTLIB that has everything from the beginning. I don't know if this is true or just wishful thinking. If it were true it would be neat to get a copy. But I imagine it would be big.

    I think the biggest problem otherwise would be the copyright on the newer material.

  • Fernando

    If the Sanhedrin (GB) and Pharisees already hate what you can find in the existing Watchtower library, just think how much they would hate such an animal!

    It would for example become much harder to hide the fact that Judge Rutherfraud taught that ALL religion is a snare and a racket.

    Great idea though - I would love it!

  • admirmitch

    Bobcat-If it does exist, I wonder if there is a disgruntled Bethelite who has access. Also, Anonymous elected to download material regarding their pedo problem, so if something like that was accessed, the library probably is too. Also, you bring up a good point, but the irony is if you google up most nearly anything the org has put out, it's online.

    Fernado-a good one stop shop for old material up to the 1940s (and a 1969 KIT) http://archive.org/details/WatchtowerLibrary

  • Finkelstein

    Here is the WT. from its very beginning (1870) to 1949 I believe in PDF. file format


    It is a pretty big file though 2.8 gs.

    You first have to download a bit torrent client software like Vuze and have it installed on your computer. ( its Free )

    or Utorrent its also free http://www.utorrent.com/downloads

  • processor

    I have lots of publications here: http://wtarchive.svhelden.info

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  • Caminante

    Bobcat: Yes, the database in the MEPS Research Explorer does have all the publications the Watch Tower Society had ever published in digital form. It's not that huge. The English version of Watchtower Library 2012 has less than 140 MB of text-only publication data and a 153 MB large index of all the words used in the publications. I suppose that a full database would take up less than 1.5 GB. In contrast, the PDF publications posted on JW.org are much larger, only the Books and Brochures section of PDF files is somewhere around 21.5 GB.

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