8 Racist Words You Use Every Day

by dazed but not confused 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamsterbait

    Concert pianists are the ultimate in musical racism.

    BLACK keys and WHITE keys.

    Why arent the keys all the same? Because of European Supremacy - they invented keyboard instruments. The first ones had only WHITE or rather NATURAL keys -even more telling ! (as only white europeans made music in churches in the 1000 s)

    It all implies that C major (needing NO black /sorry/ NO keys of color /sorry/ only NATURAL keys - read flesh tinted crayon here)- is the ultimate best scale - ionian - EUROPEAN.

    Then all the other scales require BLACK servant keys to make them sound almost as good as C major.

    You can tell how racist a piece of music is by the number of Sharps (black servile keys) or flats (defective notes that arent high enough to make the grade - like a flat tire is NO GOOD) are needed to raise the scale of a piece to the exalted ALL WHITE NOTE KEY of C major.

    This makes Brahms and Wagner racist composers, as they wrote loads of music requiring 5 of more sharps and flats in the key signature.


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