Jesus apostate?

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  • thinker

    The following is from a post at W.O.L.

    Identifying counterfiet christianity

    Before becoming an interpreter I worked in a bank. Part of our training included how to identify counterfiet bills. This training did not focus on explaning all the features that might be found on the phony money. Instead we were taught to examine real money very carefully. To get to know the look and feel of the currency so well that when presented with counterfiet money we would easily be able to recognize that it was not legal tender. This well illustrates how foolish it is to waste time trying to familiarize ourselves with apostate literature or web-sites perhaps in some effort to better defend our faith. We will find it much more helpful to make a careful examination of the truth, getting to know its look and feel so well that any false ideas can be easily identified.

    Excellent point.
    I recall once hearing about some Brothers at Bethel discussing the pros and cons of reading opposing literature. As the story goes, Br Fred Franz was there. They asked him what he thought, and he reportedly said: "Why listen to a liar?"


    I agree with you sigingsis. With all the beautiful informative material that Jehovah's Organization provides how could one possibly have the time to read the rubbish of the opostates or the confused world has to offer. Give me the Truth every time.

    Signingsis, that is an excellent illustration. Shows the need to do our personal study more diligently and deeply so we know the real feel of the truth. I like the way you explained that.
    Thanks for sharing that.

    This seems to illustrate some common aspects of JW's: a closed mind, a lack of independent thinking, isolation from any information or ideas not sanctioned bt the WT.
    It occurs to me that Jesus was born, raised, and baptised in the Jewish faith, yet His teachings were very different from the prevailing Jewish beliefs. In a word, He was an apostate! Jesus's followers were open-minded, independent thinkers. They listened openly and actively sought out information which differed from their own religious standards. If everyone back then had adopted a JW mindset, we wouldn't have a New Testament and nobody would know about a guy named "Jesus".
    If Jesus appeared tomorrow, would a JW even bother to listen to Him? How many members of the GB would call him "liar"?

    ps. Apostle: from the Greek "to send away from"
    Apostacy: from the Greek "to move away from"


  • TR

    Good points, thinker.

    The above quoted JW's tend to say what all good JW's want to hear. Parroted thoughts from the WTS.

    I've often thought of the WTS as a modern day group of scribes and pharisees. The WTS often mirrors the mentality that was responsible for Jesus' and the apostle's persecution.


  • Frenchy

    There is no question that should Jesus return in our day that he would not be accepted by the WTBS. After all, he's not on the governing body, is he?

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • amicus
    This seems to illustrate some common aspects of JW's: a closed mind, a lack of independent thinking, isolation from any information or ideas not sanctioned bt the WT.

    "Wherever people are obtuse and absurd....and wherever they have, by even the most generous standards, the attention span of a small chicken in a hurricane and the investigative ability of a one-legged cockroach...and wherever people are inanely credulous, pathetically attatched to the certainties of the nursery and, in general, have as much grasp of the realities of the physical universe as an oyster has of mountaineering....." (Terry
    Oh! I'm sorry. I forgot that I decided to be nicer than I usually am.
    (Please ignore the above unfinished quote and any presumably implied reference to an organized group of people some, or perhaps all, of us might be familiar with.)

  • RedhorseWoman

    Amicus, good quote. Is it from Discworld? Love that series!!

  • amicus

    Hey Red!
    The book is "Hogfather", and yep it's part of the discworld series (which I didn't even know was a series until you asked). My sis gave it to me for X-mas. I just started it. It took a while to perform the exorcism removing the demons that came with the X-mas wrapping paper and bows. It's safe now and I'm glad.
    I love this guy's style. I don't like reading it in public places because people look at me kinda wierd when I sit staring at a book and frequently laugh. Maybe I should just start reading aloud so everyone knows that it's the book and not me?
    The passage was, of course, taken out of context. I thought that made it even more appropriate

  • Sassenach

    Amicus, Terry Pratchett has the same effect on me. I laugh out loud on public transit! He has a brilliant mind, doesn't he?

  • RedhorseWoman

    I don't yet have 'Hogfather', but I recently obtained 'The Fifth Elephant', and I've played the first Discworld game that came out for the PC some years ago.

    I stumbled across the full series when checking around on eBay for anything else Discworld. There are a LOT of books in that series. So far, I've acquired 5 or 6 of them, and I hope to get more eventually.

  • Sassenach

    Have you read Soul Music, RHW? I just finished it.

    It is said that whosoever the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. In fact, whosoever the gods wish to destroy, they first hand the equivalent of a stick with a fizzing fuse and Acme Dynamite Company written on the side. It's more interesting, and doesn't take so long.

    -- (Terry Pratchett, Soul Music)

    Wyrd Sisters has been my favorite to date.

    In fact, no gods anywhere play chess. They prefer simple, vicious games, where you Do Not Achieve Transcendence but Go Straight to Oblivion; a key to the understanding of all religion is that a god's idea of amusement is Snakes and Ladders with greased rungs.

    -- (Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters)

  • RedhorseWoman

    Sassenach, no, I don't have either of those yet. Got to finish 'The Fifth Elephant' then on to 'Carpe Jugulum'.

    Guess I should add the ones you mentioned to my collection?

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