30 pieces of silver

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    bats in the belfry

    Dictionary of the Bible comprising its Antiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History,

    Volume II (Kab-Red) - (1863), edited by William Smith, page 871

    Quoting Smith’s work,the M'Clintock & Strong Cyclopaedia of Biblical and theological literature,

    Vol. 8 (1879), says it close to identical on page 189.

  • WTWizard

    How big were the pieces of silver? I am guessing they were silver shekels--which would be a half ounce of silver. If they were shekels, you are looking at a betrayal for 15 troy ounces of silver. Even if each piece was a troy ounce, that is only 30 ounces of silver.

    Which goes to illustrate the true value of silver. A denarius, or a day's wages, was the size of a silver dime. Once upon a time, silver had such a high value that 1/10 ounce was a day's wage. (Actually even less than 1/10 ounce of silver. It is closer to 0.0723 ounces.) And, so long as the banks are trying to hold its price down, there is the prime opportunity to buy some more. If the life of a person is worth 30 ounces of silver, and a day's wages was less than 1/10 ounce, you would be surprisingly wealthy if you have a few hundred ounces. And, once the banks run out of ways to hold silver prices down, silver is once again going to be that sought after.

    Lesson: Even though the betrayal was nearly 2,000 years old and may in fact be a complete lie (as with everything else in the LIE-ble), it shows the true value of silver. And this is why I started getting my funds out of toilet paper denominated accounts into silver--so, once this true value is once again realized and the dollar becomes toilet paper, I will be able to have a reasonable lifestyle while those not prepared will be up a creek. Without a paddle. In a barbed wire canoe.

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