are ministryideaz apostates?

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  • Crazyguy
    I bet it's ran by the borg
  • talesin

    BroMac, you mean this? (EDIT, well, lol, your vid is showing now!, but I'll leave this link up - it's their 'channel')

  • fulltimestudent

    I've been out of this mob (jws) for many years, so I've got no idea who makes and supplies this stuff.

    But it does look like stuff that used to be made and supplied by the Madzay family, who came from Cleveland in the USA. They came to prominence in WW2, by smuggling WT literature into Canada by speedboat, and became very close to Knorr and Franz.

    Here in Australia, Dave Madzay was once Assistant Branch Overseer, but liked a drink or two, too often through the day, got picked up one night by the police for D.U.I. and was removed from his positions. Out of Bethel, he drank more and went out in a blaze of glory one night, when he mistakenly filled a kerosene heater with petrol. Bad mistake!!!!

    Just did a search for madzay, cleveland - and whacko!!

    the search link was described as:

    Madzay Color Graphics -‎‎
    Products for Jehovah's Witnesses Calendars, Organizers, Book Covers


    Obviously, a younger, brighter (no funnies) generation is in control.

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