12//22 CBS News:" 48 HR Mystery; "Mystery on Twin peaks Drive" Jehovahs Witness Elder, Murderer ?

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  • Balaamsass


    Link to CBS Docu-Drama of JW Elder who leaves wife for JW, followed by suspicious death. Video.

  • NeverKnew


    And gee... he couldn't remember sleeping in his bed with his ex-wife on the night of his then current wife's murder.... give me a freaking break.

    Did you notice the family prayer started with "Our heavenly Father..." what's up with that? I thought I read on here that barely a prayer is said without the name "Jehovah" being used...

    They're playing me right?

    The son's a creepo. I think the father and son both know how she died and it wasn't a suicide...

  • l p
    l p

    Well firstly women do not chose suicide by gun shot wound to the head as a mode for suicide...they usually take tablets or something less gruesome - that is a fact

    I cannot believe how imcompetent the police and the DPP are in not charging the suspects. It is really unacceptable.

    Im not sure which one did it but one of them did. Perhaps both of them were involved...and that is absolutely horseshit that she shot herself in the head and the husband or anyone else in the house did not hear a gun shot....

    on a religious not...the father (elder or exelder) isn't really 'strong' in the 'truth' as he keeps close association with a drug addict child that lives out of wedlock with another woman...hmmmm


  • Balaamsass

    Whole thing is creepy. To think at any point this guy was directing peoples lives and was "appointed by holy spirit"...........

    Perhaps the wife did not OBEY ?

  • cobaltcupcake

    How in the heck are these people JWs? He was an elder in her cong and they had an affair? She was in law enforcement? When did she become a Dub? Kid doing the peeping tom on his stepmother? Dad has facial hair! Sleeping with ex-wife? Was she a JW too? Kid on crystal meth? No mention of any congregation action. Something's not adding up. Maybe I'll have to read the book.

    They seem like a scummy family, no matter how you slice it.

  • Balaamsass

    Seems to be an EX elder. Strange story certainly.

    I knew a few JW Sisters in Law Enforcement and Brothers. As long as they packed a heater, they could not pioneer or be a servant. Two of them have retired are are now doing "special assignments" for Bethel.

  • MrFreeze

    Yeah with the beard I have feeling he is no longer an elder.

    As regards the suicide/murder. I think it was murder but I can't say who was responsible.

  • Finkelstein

    The police really buggled that case to be sure, it has incompetence all over it.

  • JeffT

    I knew Ron Reynolds and his first wife back in the early eighties. We both attended a congregation in Pullman. Ron and I went hunting together, and worked rural territory together a lot. His wife and my wife were good friends and the kids played together all the time. He was a great guy then, I can't imagine what happened to him over the years. Maybe its a case of JW lifestyle making somebody's brain snap.

  • Cagefighter

    10 minutes into this I am wondering if they mistook JW's for Mormoms again. You west coast JW's have no idea how good yall had it, LOL. Law enforcement, Working as a teacher, dumping spouses to remarry someone you "counseled", kids of an elder with long hair, playing in rock band, smoking cigarettes. They wouldn't have even allowed either of these two to go out in field service in the halls I attended... Dang.

    OK...30 minutes in.... Man where do I start. This guy obviously doesn't think the rules apply to him and he is probably a borderline sociopath, no empathy, no remorse. Women are only valued for their ablility to submit to his demands....Perfect fit for the JWs.

    Then you have Rhonda who is obviously not mentally stable...recipe for distaster.

    I like her mom Barb, she seems like a kick ass Mother in Law to have. I better they treated her like shit, because she was wordly. So sad.

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