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  • BigE

    speeches about patriotism from someone who left his own monarchy to come to candia are hollow. As are speeches about patriotism from someone who dosent live in the country under discussion. As are speeches about patriotism from someone who dosent like free speech to begin with. I could go on but its all so redundant....

  • Hortensia

    well, clearly this is a subject that starts people ranting. I'd just like to hear some ideas -- what to do? I am not opposed to guns myself, but there is really something going wrong here. Too many guns. Too little mental health care. Poor economy makes it difficult to keep people in prison -- and I don't really know what might work.

    Anyone here actually have any ideas or are you just going to piss on each other's positions as usual?

  • NewChapter

    Oh, I think there is always enough money to keep people in prison. Just never enough to keep them out.

  • Simon

    If you face retribution or other action because of 'free speech' ... then you don't really have free speech at all.

    Political debate is where you should be able to say what you think without fear of censure.

    The concept died a little under Bush.

  • Finkelstein

    American patriotism ....

  • BigE

    "If you face retribution or other action because of 'free speech' ... then you don't really have free speech at all.

    Political debate is where you should be able to say what you think without fear of censure."


    Irony at its finest.

    i would also add that true freedom of speech involves being able to call out those in authority for their own poor behaviour without fear of retribution

  • TonyT

    Freedom of speech does not mean that we are immune from the consequences of our statements, just that the government is not involved. when an intoxicated Jimmy the Greek made some racial statements on camera, years ago, his career was over.

    None of us have the right to not be offended.

  • sammielee24

    All this - send home Piers because he's a Brit and has no reason to be in the USA. My goodness. Piers has a US born daughter that would make her a citizen of the country no? The man makes millions of dollars a year and is a journalist who happens to have gotten a contract in the USA. He has every right to be in the USA and as part of his job, he is entitled to speak about the news - it's his job. You think he should leave his daughter behind and go back to England and broadcast the same information there and it will make it all better? That's simply juvenile thinking. One click and the channel is changed - no need to watch if you don't want. All this stupidity about a petition to toss him out - you have American celebrities all over the world getting into poltics in all other countries so unless you sign a petition forcing all of those journalists and celebrities back to the USA, one tends to believe that this is just hot air.

    If you don't like what he says, or if you don't believe what he says, then what in heavens name makes you think that your journalists reporting from other countries or debating in other countries aren't doing the same things elsewhere? It's not a big deal. He's a worker in the USA like a few million other workers - thank goodness he's a white English guy because if he were another culture and had another face and the subject were something like guns and mosques - well - we can see the petition would be a lot bigger than 60,000 signatures.

    People need to stop listening to all the angry, ranting talk show hosts who keep blathering on about these things - there is one who I believe actually started the petition and is very prould of that - if only his listeners were able to understand that keeping people tuned in and ramping up their anger, is just a way to justify his income. Piers really means nothing to this debate - his is infotainment like Fox and other 'news' shows - it's all opinion and geared to sensationalize. He doesn't like the US gun laws but not once has he said a total gun ban should be in force - petitioning to get him out of the USA just shows how great the insecurity is in not being able to have a civil conversation about the issue with anyone - even a man whose daughter is by birth a US citizen and thus giving him a RIGHT to voice that opinion. sammiesw

  • TonyT

    I'm no longer able to listen to angry, ranting talk show hosts now that progressive talk has been replaced by a third sports talk station in my area.

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