New video on sexual harassment blames the victim

by puffthedragon 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Listener

    In many countries one way to stop sexual harrassment or to make a bully accountable is to report it to police. I wonder how many WT videos suggest this?

  • DavePerez

    Hmmm, WTBTS is educating some of you on sexual harassment policy? Because it's all true: that's sexual harrassment policy in America, and that's exactly how sexual harassment law works, too. The victim MUST communicate to the offender that their attention and behavior is unwelcome, and all the better if that message is conveyed in no uncertain terms (ie free of mixed messages, as one of the girls mentions). A failure to communicate or express that the conduct is unwelcome IS giving tacit permission for the behavior to continue, which IS inviting or allowing it to continue.

    The policy is reasonable, based on the realization that the offender must be given notice that the attention is unwelcome; people aren't expected to be mind readers. But if the unwelcome behavior continues even AFTER the recipient notifies that the attention is unwelcome, then the offender is committing sexual harassment.

    PS sexual harassment is a civil matter, not a criminal matter: thus reporting it to Police is a waste (unless the situation escalates to attempted rape, which IS a criminal matter). If it occurs at work, it should be reported to supervisors, Human Resources Dept, or Equal Employment Opportunity Office (the gov't department which deals with sexual harassment complaints and discrimination based on gender).

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