World's longest High Speed Train Route Opens in China

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  • fulltimestudent

    Smile - use it or lose it, eh, jgnat. I rented an apartment here once, very nicely looked after by the Exec. Committee of the Owners Corporation. When the downpipes from the roofing gutters needed renewing, they replaced the old steel ones with copper. They lasted 3 months - came home one day to find they had been stolen. Brazen thieves to do it so openly.

  • mP

    If the train is referred to Leviathan it will never happen in the USA. The Bilbe tells us Leviathan or Tiamut(sp) is the sea monster that Jehovah fights and wins. I can now understand why xians in America oppose the VFT.

  • designs

    Kurtbethel- Thanks for the film clip. I live a little north of you. I like the Coaster Train ride to San Diego, taking a bike along sounds perfect.

  • fakesmile

    late reply. sorry. in no way was i infering that china had anything to do with 911. i was refering to the pennies on the buck that they paid for scrap metal. it was off topic but it was a snarkish way of saying that the metal,(a commodity) could have been more usefull had it been recycled and reused here... that was high quality stuff. and for anyone saying that it was not reused for sentemental purpouses, bs. how long after the attack did they start selling commemorative coins clad in silver-supposedly recovered from the WTC. how much better would a WTC memorial highway or rail be? what i was really saying is that the reason we do not perform greater engeneering, medical, economic, etc. feats; is not because we lack motivated, creative or great minds. nor do we lack raw materials. we lack great leadership. it makes me truely sad that such talent is being wasted. that is why this country is in decline. its like having all of the ingrediants for an awesome chili and still screwing it up due to incompetince.

  • fakesmile

    sculla, see kurts comment for explanation. and as long as you see yourself as a rightist vs. the arch enemy, the leftist. you are falling for the old divide and conquer BS. i hold no political allegiance. but why would make mass transit about that anyway?

  • kurtbethel
    Kurtbethel- Thanks for the film clip. I live a little north of you. I like the Coaster Train ride to San Diego, taking a bike along sounds perfect.

    LOL! I am always up for sharing a beverge and chat with my neighbors.

    I was at the San Clemente pier during the summer, and shot some video of the trains that go by there. I happened to drive there and was riding a bike around, but could have made a train trip of it. Leaving the San Diego transit system, it gets way more expensive to ride on the Metrolink for points north. Sadly, it was cheaper to buy gasoline and go there. Hard to beat $5 or even $12 for all day access in the county.

    I don't see things with those right/left glasses. They all agree about spending public money. Well I figure if something is going to be spent from public funds, then all the public should see a benefit, like roads, railroads and infrastructure. Aircraft and bombs erasing Asian villages, not so much. Posh vacations for elites, not so much either. Now, on to that video...

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