Any "friends" of Bethelites get a 2013 Yearbook yet?

by Gayle 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gayle

    I know the yearbook isn't on yet? But in the past, some have gotten a yearbook gift sent to them by now? Things seem 'quiet' about the 2012 Worldwide Service Report too.

  • ronwashington

    i don't know if they still do that. When I was at Bethel the yearbooks were shipped to congregations just a week or two after those early ones were sent out anyway, so it didn't make much sense.

    I also didn't know this until I was there, but apparently if a bethelite sent you a yearbook that was code for 'send me a money gift.'

  • alanv

    I just emailed Atlantis to see if he knows what has happened to the yearbooks. They surely must be available in USA by now. Hopefully someone will post some figures as soon as they know

    Thanks in advance

  • alanv

    Atlantis just got back to me and said there is no sign of the complete report yet. He reminded me there are a few figures in the December 2012 Kingdom Ministry.

  • Balaamsass

    Perhaps the numbers were sub-par again, and some "lands vs Countries" will need to be juggled around and other numbers before it all goes to print. It takes some thought to put the right "spin" on things.

  • cedars

    This thread, posted over a month ago, claims to give a sneak preview of the main figures.

    The headline for me is that growth has fallen to 1.9% - mysteriously rounded up to 2 ("new light" has apparently guided the Society to drop a decimal place).

    I too would love to digest the full worldwide report stats as soon as they are out. If anyone gets hold of them, please email them to [email protected]

    I would be eternally grateful!


  • factfinder

    I usually recieve an advance yb but as of today, dec 25 have not recieved one. Dont know if the brother is sending one this year but if so it should arrive this week.

    I wonder if ybs will eventaully be phased out? The wts is trying to cut back on book production.

  • Gayle

    factfinder,,thx for your point. Really, why have a yearbook production anymore? The WTS have been putting their their little articles about certain countries, their history etc in WT articles anyway. The yearbook is not a "placement" item,,not much of a moneymaker for sure. Their Daily text is separate anymore anyway.

    In the future, in the 'likelihood' of decreases in many countries, it would be too embarrassing the print out a list of negatives.

  • factfinder

    Hi Gayle!

    I just noticed that the yb is up on jworg now. It has been reduced from 256 pages to 192 and the chart is in the back.

    I guess eventually a brochure with service year highlites will be produced rather than a yb, they keep cutting back to cut costs. I wonder if new books will be released at conventions anymore?

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