This dog will not stay asleep!

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  • moshe

    I came off a night shift job last month and spent some nights looking at the ceiling, before I got my body clock reset. NO, dogs don't sleep all night-

    12am , doggie gets up and looks out the living room window-- and growls at something they heard-a cat?- Go back to bed- get up again in an hour- go get a drink of water, lap, lap ,lap, come back to bed. get up an hour later go to the food bowl and eat some dry food, crunch, crunch- more water, lap, lap. Back to bed- a loud motorcycle goes by at 3:30am (bars closed)- dog comes on alert and I hear one low growl ( I don't like loud Harleys either)- finally, sleeps soundly from 4am to 6am. - 6:30am, scratches at the patio door to go potty- I am now sleepy and ready to go to bed- ughh!

  • Glander

    get a couple of otc Benadril. Break in half and put into a piece of cheese. "Here, poochy, poochy..."

    You take the other half. Cheese is optional for you.

  • Hortensia

    Poor CoCo, I hope the dog lets you sleep tonight.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    My dear friends:
    I appreciate your funny, thoughtful and informative comments!

    Wish I were up to replying to each . . . SORRY!

    At home (2 miles away) now and napping.



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